Lighting for inside winter grow no tent

Hi. I just want to grow a couple of autos inside my bedroom with no tent. Good daytime sunlight. Need a good practical light source to supplement, without spending a load of cash. I am an outside grower in MA for years. No room even for a small tent. Thoughts and ideas are welcome. Thanks. This place is great!

Go to hlg and get a qb or do a strip build. Go to the qb strip build forum or diy led forum. Both will give you the best light you can get.

hlg? Those forums here? Idea if approx cost? @ Newgrwr2018 :sunglasses:

Horticultural lighting group dot com


a diy light that’ll grow 1 medium sized plant with no tent for ±$110 DIY with bridgelux eb strips

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Not a handyman like that man. Wish i was. Need to find an electrician friend for that set up. Those forums you spoke of here on this site?:sunglasses:

You don’t need to be handy, just able to follow directions. Those lights are amazing. Plus, they save tons of $$ in electricity (they are extremely efficient & cool running, so that means less issues with cooling your grow space, i.e., no need for ac or a gazillion fans).

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I have a headaches just looking at the project. May run this by someone that has an electrical background. I can follow instructions, but can’t afford to screw it up.@blackthumbbetty


Hlg-100 is pretty much plug and play. Assembly is same as charging a cell phone. That would give you flowering intensity out to about 2’x2’ space.