Lighting for Golden Goat Ruderalis DLI and height

I am an experienced outdoor grower. Have been growing indoors 2 years, very successfully. I have a 4x10x8 tent. I use earthboxes to grow. Self contained, self watering. Very easy. I have 6 Vipar PAR spectra full spectrum, with rbg controls. I have cold vaporizers to control humidity, carbon filtered 8 inch exhaust, controlled inlet 4 inch fans, a CO2 system, and controlled lighting via Internet app.

I am growing golden goat ruderalis auto flower. My seeds sprouted in 48 hrs. I just planted.

After reading the notes included,
I believe I will keep humidity at 21% (steepe Mediterranean)
Tent temp at 80 F
I plan on keeping the lights at 24 inches above at all times.
I know to hold light to 50% first few days adding 10% a day till I reach 100%
Now this is my quandary. I know there are soooo many folks with lighting experience, but what am I to believe?

My DLI-I plan on 21 on 3 off.
I have used this on regular auto flowers in the past. However these babies are ruderalis crossed. I am no expert. The phenotype and the genotype of ruderalis is new to me, although I believe I understand the basics

I would appreciate comments on my lighting DLI, and if needed, humidity, light height etc.
I am new to this forum and rules, so please don’t flame me for newbie mistakes, help groom me. Budme



My bad-this is gorilla glue not golden goat. I have edit rights, but in this instance, can’t edit.hopefully this will make it in.