Lighting for auto flower

I have 3 Sour Diesel auto’s plants in a hydro grow box. 2 are in early veg and 1 is in week to of flower. Can I continue running the 400 watt metal Halide until the other 2 are in flower or should I change to High pressure sodium for the flowering plant now? I’m using 1st week flower nutrients all 3.
My first grow…


Hy welcome to the community @Ron1
You can change or continued with you light scheduled and light dimmer autos do they things went they want without dimmer light or light schedule

I grown sour diesel autos I love them, the smell and is smooth smoke
Happy growing
Any info about sour diesel I recommended

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How much room do you have? I would probably switch to hps now, but it will lead to longer node spacing and taller plants. If that’s a problem just stay with the mh.