Lighting for a 2X3 Grow Tent


Hey folks,
First time posting. I am planning to start growing once legalisation starts here in Canada. My plan was to start with the basics and then expand the deeper down the rabbit hole I get LOL. I purchased a 2X3 tent with the thought that later when I decide to expand I can still use it for something else. I know the tendency to always want the best stuff and the need to expand but realistically the legal limit of plants will be four so the biggest tent I can see me getting is a 4x4 later.
Anyway, I have been scouring the internet for information on the best lights for the space I have and I know the 35-50 per square footage rule but was interested in the QB LED Kits. Here in Canada they are $400 and up…but seem the most logical as I can expand them when I get a bigger tent and better bang for you buck. So I was looking at the footprint for the 260W (Veg 4x4 and Flower 3x3 or 2.4x3) and the 320W XL QB LED KIT (Veg 5x5 and Flower 2.5x5 or 2x4) both seem more than adequate LOL My question was that I think I read the 3000k is best for Veg and flowering but when I look at the wavelength for them it has a huge peak for both reds and blues in the 4000k spectrum. Anyone know if I should get a 4000k because of that reason or go with what they say and go with a 3000k? in addition would like to hear what you would choose the 260W or 320W. Would they fit in a small grow tent? My tent will have a filter/fan set up and be in a unfinished side of my basement which is cold (depending on the season, sits between 10-18 degrees Celsius) so heat isn’t a factor in a small space.
Would love to hear from you guys. THX


This guy can help @dbrn32


I have the 260w QB kit in my 3x3 tent. If you’re in a 2x3 you wouldn’t need more than the 260w kit. Mine is in 3500k and it does great for veg and flower. I can tag you into my journal if you want


Thanks for the info! Tag me. I will definitely read it tonight.


I agree with @MattyBear, you won’t need 320 kit. Either of the 260 kits will work in your application. The 260 kit has the boards mounted end to end, and the 260 XW kit has them mounted side by side. Same leds and drivers, but one has a longer narrow layout and the other is a more square layout. Either will work in a 2x3. You may be better off with one or the other in a larger tent though if you plan on expanding.

When looking at the two different light spectrums, it’s not hard to come to the conclusion you did. The blue bonus in the 4000k is nice, but you missed all of the green it produces. Some green light is good, but we would much prefer it shifted more towards reds if you plan on flowering with it. As far as plant stretch goes, the photon count is high enough that you’re talking maybe a couple of inches difference in plant height over the grow with 3000k. So it’s a negligible amount worth going that route.


Awesome! I will go with the 260 kit- probably the Shorter board just so it gives me some room lol I will think more about whether to go with the 4000k or 3000k. Thanks for letting me know about the stretch- good to know. Funny thing is that they are all sold out of everything except the 4000 xl board lol figures. Time is on my side right now, so i’ll mull it over. Thx


Ya, no problem! The 4000k boards aren’t bad, but they’re more of a veg spectrum that you can get by flowering with. The 3000k is more of flowering spectrum that you can get by vegging with. When looking to go start to finish, most people want that extra flowering. Not a coincidence that only 4000k in stock for that reason.


Also just went and looked 260 xw isn’t an option for hlg Canada. That kinda sucks, but you’ll definitely want the shorter of the 260 kits available to you.


Hopefully we will get the 260 xw. I was tempted to order from the US but a lot of stuff goes “missing”, busted or customs opens it up to have a peek and I’m hit with a customs fee. The Canadian distributor has a great reputation and ships it to you in about two days. Everything I read and all the data I’ve searched through is telling me this is the best option. Thx for all your help!


You could probably get away with ordering the reg kit from hlg Canada, and then just ordering the XW heatsink from US?


I’m in no rush. My thought was to call them and perhaps they can get them or I will order one from the US. :slight_smile:


Okay so now I’m in a rush lol a friend of mine gave me some seeds (non-cannabis) and the plant she needs grown in a months time (her sisters bday) now this has me rushing to get a light. It is a Moringa tree- I did some investigating and because it comes from the same region as some cannabis it has similar growing conditions. So this will be a good dry run. I looked at buying QB from the U.S but with exchange and HST it’ll be way out of my price range right now. So my question is what should I go with in regards to lighting? I can buy the QB kit later when legalization hits here in Canada later. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. The grow space is a 3x2 grow tent. Thx


Did you see if par horta had anything that would work?


Building is out of the question right now too. Stayed up looking at the work and I won’t have time. :frowning:


This is a complete light. I would imagine not having to mess around with international shipping, customs, and exchange, that it’s a little cheaper than qb kit right?


Just an update. I purchased a 320w 3000k QB from ledgrowlightsdepot I told my co-worker the Moringa will have to wait. I didn’t want to rush and buy something that would bug me every time I open that grow tent. Lol One question I have is: Is there a schematic for the airing of a 320w? I watched the 280w ones but there is nothing out there for the 320w. If anyone can let me know that would be great.


@dbrn32 can you help our friend out here!? Thanks brother


Good buy, you’ll be more than happy with it!

Which boards and driver are with your kit? I can certainly help, it’s probably very similar to wiring of other kit.


I have the HLG 320w QB 3000k kit. Dimmable Meanwell driver HLG-320H, 3QB288 561C diodes. I think I figured it out…I sketched a wiring diagram, does this look like it would be in series?


Here’s a better sketch