Lighting for 3 plants in a 4x4x80 grow tent

What is recommendations for lights in a 4x4x80 grow tent and growing at least 3 plants?

@dbrn32 your up. This is the light guru. Listen to him I did! Damn glad I did too!

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The budget is what determines what you can get. You’re looking around $600 to light a 4x4 space properly with leds.


I had marshydro: 2 ts1000 and 1 tsl2000. 3 plants. Yielded 18oz.

Upgraded to a roi 680 for this run and seems to have the buds fatter and denser.

Still use the other lights for the veg tent.

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Usually recommend horticulture lighting group, chilled tech, or fluence if budget allows. Just because the only thing possibly better than their lights is customer service. There are some other lights that seem to do pretty good at somewhat cheaper price too.

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2 hlg 260 xls with the code dude is a really good way

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Ok I have right now a 600 watt and 300 watt led with flower and bloom switches. I am hoping I can use them along with whatever else I need.

You can run most of the veg cycle under the hlg but you can try to have the other half lit by those lesser lights just don’t be surprised when half your tent does significantly better then the other

Could you show me what you mean by the hlg

This it’s even on sale right now the code dude will also pay for tax


Ok with what I got plus maybe 2000 watt that should be enough for 3 plants

That is a great price for the XL model.


Hmmm maybe you want to look into lighting a little better? So you can understand cannabis and the light it requires to grow proper quality stuff. Yes you can grow with any old blurple light claiming 2000 watts but it is not recommended… You want around 500-700 TRUE watts to light up a 4x4 space I’d say(and it also doesn’t all depend on watts that makes a good light there’s a lot of other factors). I’m no expert but you definitely don’t need 2000 watts. Check out what @GreenSnek is recommending two of those QBs. Or look up HLG 650R, Growers choice roi e680, growers choice roi-720, chilled tech grow crafts either the big x3 550 or the 6bar set up.

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i went with the chilled led glow craft x6 for my 4x4 space i’m currently building, for what it’s worth. you can save 15% if you order ahead and don’t need it right away.

4x4 with an older Sunleaves Predator 600w HPS and two supplemental GE Grow LEDs. Only flower one plant at a time and getting 9.5oz to 13oz per plant. :man_shrugging: