Lighting for 2x4 Tent

Newbie trying to figure out what I need for an indoor grow setup. Have space for a 2x4x5 tent. Looking at HLG 260xl; or Spider Farmer SF 2000. Thoughts? Any other options that I might be overlooking?

The hlg would be excellent choice


Kingbright 320xl

Thanks, Nicky! Having a little trouble finding them online. Who distributes them?

I believe they can be ordered from alibaba


HLG’s are great. Go for it!


I’ll take a look - thanks!

Go for the hlg, you’ll probably see a lot better results. Their more efficient then a lot of those other brands.

Migro Aray

why a 5’ tall tent? 1 foot for pots, 1 foot for exhaust /filter unless you go external, 18 - 24+ for light & clearance does not leave a lot of room for plants. I took the fan & filter out of my 7’ tent to have more height for plants. If you have a height restriction, understandable. Otherwise, reconsider. There are 2x4x6’7’ tents out there.


I got my 320 directly from their website about a month ago. , Don’t forget to to use the discount code “dude” .

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the 260xl 3500k woukd be an excellent choice.

Hey thanks all!! Much appreciated!

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Sorry let me correct something, the link I sent was good but it was a 4x5x7

Good call @beardless

@Shaggy could you please provide some information to back that claim up thst HLG’s are more efficient than kingbrites?

I suggest a 3500k, with 660nm ir/uv

A 3000k is a bit more directed at flowering 4,000m for veg so 3500k is ideal for seed to harvest but ultimately the intensity is the most important