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Any info on ONEO Led Grow Light 1000W Full…

Curious on thoughts?

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This is a typical example of the cheap LED’s all over the internet. Only 200 watts: will not cover very much. Maybe one plant in flower.

If you have the budget for it I would suggest you look at HLG and a Quantum Board.


I made this mistake myself, next round I’m getting an HLG quantom board. Your light only pulls like 200 watts from the wall and thats how you tell what you need. Need more light.

Sais it does 1000w replacement (lies)
Sais it pulls 200w, well if it does its not very efficient.

Here is a side by side PPFD, light output comparison between that light and a HLG 100
Amazon light:


As you can see the HLG has a much more even coverage and its much more efficient.
It also has parts that will last more than 1year before they start burning out


Ppfd chart with spots on chart not recorded ?
That’s how they cheat their numbers and get you to think it is more than well the actual lower number.
Lol people fall for it all day long also. It’s kind of funny.

You the charts show measurements in the same locations, of course they can’t show you every single spot.
Again depends on environment, a light squeezed into a good mylar tent is going to have better ratings then one not in a tent or one in a much larger tent

Simple. First chart has less readings than second lights chart. By using less total readings they can calculate a larger average than it actually has.
Just was pointing out charts that don’t read all spots usually are cheating their average they use.
Essentially you add all readings together over the footprint and devide it by the number of readings. By having less readings it makes it a higher average.

Also the readings are taken while in a mylar tent or space . Most should say if done in a reflective space.

Ahh I didn’t see that before good catch on the missing readings on the 1x1 section.

Yeah it’s on a lot of lights but the ones that abuse it will use an average ppfd in their sales and not show charts that are easy to find. Just something to look out for