Lighting... Do I need more?

Best thing I can say about Vivosun lights is that they’re the reason I now use HLG.


Welcome! And that would be a NO!

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This is some more information that I have on the light.

I’m not even sure how to ask this question. I’ve been avoiding the subject of lighting because I flat don’t understand electro-speak.

We have a five foot table holding 4 autoflowers that are currently blooming. We have 2 ViperSpectra P2500 lamps with a knob that will brighten/dim the lamp Today I turned that knob and was amazed at the increase in brightness. We also have 2 LikeSuns at the end of the row, but I don’t know the details ablut them.

Now…how much light does a plant need and when does it need it? How do you measure that? Is there a meter of some sort that will tell me what I need to know without a lot of gobbledegook? I understand that watts is not necessarily a measure of brightness these days.

How do I tell what my lights are putting out, and is it enough/too much for my plants? We did grow these same AK47 seeds outside this past summer where they got about 12" tall with buds from top to bottom. They also got worms and mold. These indoor plants are a bit taller and less crowded with buds. I’m wondering if greater light intensity would have improved yield?

Thanks for listening, I know I’m jabbering…

Vivosun thorws a led light Ts 1000 not enough light for the tent 4x4x7 foot. We have a Shzlux 4000 puts out 400watts. Works great. Have 6 5 gallon fabric pots in tent and I can adjust 4 pots to flower under light@ DLI 36.4 AND off to one side control DlL 21.1 for seddlings. Very nice I did reserach a lot for 149 on sale @ Christmas last year a steal!

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