Lighting decisions for a 5' x 5' x 78"

Hello all, looking for some advice, please

Currently using 2 Famurs 2000 watt full spectrum lights 420 watts each total 840 watts and getting fluffy buds below the canopy and incomplete coverage so I want to replace the lights for the last time
Started looking at the Diablo 650r but looking at the light spread around the edges seems to drop off so started looking at the diablo scorpion, I have concerns with this light when growing different height plants and if something goes wrong with the light I would need another light to use until parts would arrive I have been reading a lot of threads and 1 recommended using 3 HLG 260w xl-qb 288 v2 respec boards this would give me 3 seperate lights eliminating my concerns that I have thought of

Are there any better options currently I only want to do this once?
What about far red and UVA lights would they be needed with the 3 boards or recommended?
Would you recommend something different or can think of something I may be missing?
Should I get straight from HLG or someone else any active discount codes?

Thanks @Bobbydigital @Hellraiser @dbrn32 @merlin44


I run 3 HLG 260 Rspec XLs in my 5x5 and it works great. I get fat, dense, frosty flowers.


Thanks @MidwestGuy do you run far red or UVA lights and are they worth the added expense? I don’t mind spending the money if they are worth it.

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I’ve thought about it and even shopped supplemental lights at once point. I get great flower from the setup I have and have never been motivated to buy supplemental lighting. I don’t know many people who do spring for supplemental spectrum.


I run one HLG 600 Rspec and just pulled 21+ ounces from 2 photos and 2 autos.


Yeah 3 260w XL’s would do you well in a 5x5 and gives you the ability to adjust for plant height as needed.

I use the HLG UVA-30s and am very happy with them and what they do for my plants. I’ve done experiments with far red and while interesting, I’m no longer concerned with adding far red, I’d spend the money on the UVA lamps instead.


Thanks for your input @Hellraiser
Would I need more than one HLG UVA-30s or is there one I can mount with the other lights? Or keep it/them separate?


HLG says the UVA-30 covers a 4x4 area so ideally you’d want 2 of them to cover a 5x5 nicely with some overlap, I’d hang them between the 3 260 XLs like 260XL UVA30 260XL UVA30 260XL if that makes any sense. I hate the light hangers that come with the UVA-30 and replaced them with rope ratchet hangers.

The HLG UVA-30 is out of stock (as it usually is, they never last long since I’ve been talking about them LOL) but HLG tells me they will back in stock the first week of March.

Oh almost forgot, order direct from HLG and use the discount code “dude” for 10% off.


Thank you @Hellraiser yes I understand about the mounting
Thanks for your time expertise and the code! :sunglasses:


Love the xl’s I have a 320 rspec. And 2 260


Three 260xl great for 5x5. You can add other stuff if you want, but like the others said should be plenty good by themselves.


Running 2 260xl rspec with a uva30 between them in my 4x4 and running 2 260 rspec and another uva30 in my other 3x3 tent been quite pleased with the results, great recommendations on this forum


Thank you everyone for your advise and opinions it is very much appreciated!


Unfrocking believable LOL

I placed my order for 3 260w XL’s at 9:32 Am and got a shipping confirmation that it shipped UPS at 9:54 AM couldn’t ask for better service!
I used the code Dude for a 10% discount thank you @Hellraiser but I also talked with someone at HLG before placing my order just to make sure I did it correctly glad I did as I had the wrong kit in my cart and he informed me I could use the code DIY10 for 10% if I didn’t have the dude code just in case someone else needs it or if dude stps working

Again thanks to all


this is what I’m using currently and the results I’m getting. I’m new, though, so I could be doing it completely wrong.


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I use 4 of the sunraize with both flower and bloom on. I’ve been adjusting over the past year and came to realize just having them up at normal hang level throughout the process until flower works fine. My theory is once these bad gals get to flower, I’m popping all 4 lights to bloom and my 12-12 cycle.

Hi Mark @holthemp how big is the grow area?
Have you used these lights for flower cycle before?
What kind of results did you get?
How many plants?
What height are you using for veg? you don’t need a lot of light for veg flowering is completely different though to get dense buds and higher yields
Do you have any specific questions you’re looking for answers?

I have the same question.
I was going to go with a 600w hps.
Just left my local shop.
Think they just talked me into a HLG 600 R.
Is that a good choice?
I’m going back after work.

@Shirkules 600R will flower a 5’x5’ area and do a good job
You may have to do a lot of training if growing different height plants to get an even canopy and get even coverage
Hope this answers your question if not reply back with more information on your grow and grow space

Thank you very much for the help.


Another question.
What would replace a T5 4x4 for veg?