Lighting Cycle Question

I am trying to find info about autoflower plants and 12x12 light cycle. I have some autoflowers that are about 14 days from harvest. Also some femenized Blue Dream that have been in veg for 10 weeks or so. I would like to begin flowering the BD but do not wish to negatively affect the Autoflower. All stock from ILGM btw.

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You won’t negatively affect the autos. You could run autos 12/12 all the way through if you wanted to.


Thanks so much for your response. As it turns out all the pistils have turned and the trichomes are cloudy. (sounds like a song from the Mamas and the Papas). I was able to run the autos while veging the fems. This seems to be a good model for me as I can take advantage of the increased yield while producing a smaller crop halfway through. Cheers