Lighting cycle and timing


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Hello. I am growing your sour diesel strain. On the site it says 9 - 10 weeks for flower. I’m just not sure if it’s 9 - 10 weeks from the point where I changed my lite cycle or 9 - 10 weeks from when the first bud tops started (about two weeks after lite cycle change). Thanks in advance for your reply!


That would be after transition to flower.


It’s when the flowers actually showed on the plants. I just finished growing the sour diesel and it took 10 weeks from when the flowers (white pistils) came out.


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It’s saying it take about 9 to 10 weeks to flower then you’ll have the flower cycle

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This is my sd plant at 2 weeks after being put in my bloom tent. I guess the general consensus here is that I start counting my 9-10 weeks from this point? My main focus is not so much the plants/ buds maturity (I will determine that by the tricombs) but timing the 2 weeks of flushing I want to get in.

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It looks like the SD is just beginning to flower to me. My last grow SD took about 12 weeks, but I didn’t have the light I really needed until week 6 of flower.


Yes. Correct. This was exactly two weeks into the drastic 12/12 light cycle change… I am using a 400w hps in a 4x4 tent by the way… coming along very nicely! Tight dense buds. About 1 more month!

I learned so much from this plant! Clones, topping, super cropping, bud tipping, lst… man, you name it, I done it! So much fun. Gonna split the stem 1 week before I take her down too!


Here’s a few shots from today. Poor lighting for photos under the hps but yeah… pretty happy. 1 month away! Expecting big things!