Lighting color 6500k -2700k


Hi im very very new to this & just need an exact answer because ive looked everywhere & can’t find anything for an exact answer. I need 2know if to use all 6500k for cycle then when im supose to change to 2700k do i just use all 2700k or am i supose to mix & match ect ect. I have 8 4ft bulbs. Please if anyone can tell me a very simple easy answer id greatly greatly appreciate it.


6500k for the veg cycle and 2700k for flowering. Simplest and easiest I can put it :v::bear:


Kkk thanks so much i didn’t know if it should be mixed in any way ect ect. With the tons & tons of information it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack just to find one exact answer.


It is good to mix some 6500k in when flowering too, they still need their blues. Especially for the initial flower stretch when u start flowering stage


See if i don’t ask I’d be a mess LOL. So only on the 2nd cycle/the 2700k i mix in a couple 65s/blue ?? Also on the 1st cycle/6500k should that also be mixed with a couple of 27s/red or no just all blue??? And thank u so much for helping brother i have not one person to ask.


@dbrn32 can guide you on a more definitive answer


Oh man, brother idk how to ask or find him it took me like 4hrs just to figure out how to get on here & ask questions. I know its hard to believe but i don’t really mess with shit like this or computers ect.


He will see it since I tagged him :v::bear:


Thanks brother so much thats was mad cool


Ohhh ok im starting to see now thanks bro & thanks for pics there badass


When you’re growing with fluorescent alone the light intensity is really low so you have to be careful about triggering response for plant to seek more light. A strong representation of blue wavelengths will do that, that’s why you see the cold white (6500k) for veg. After you switch to flowering, the plants will produce better with more red light. They will also stretch more from introduction of red light, which is also the reason you dont mess with it early in a grow.


like dbrn said, with floro tubes use all 6500k bulbs in veg,
after 2 weeks into 12/12 swap to 4x 2700k and 4x 6500k,

this will give u the best growth and buds.!!

the extra ‘blue’ in flower will help keep em shorter.!


Awesome my brother thank u so much 4 your reply im definitely seeing the bigger picture now & can finally understand it all.


all the new numbers r quite confusing at first, but u will be on here giving advice in a few months.!!

don’t be afraid to ask ANY question, all of us have had the same questions when starting out.!


Thats awesome stuff brother, again thanks alot . It sucks so bad when your trying to find out one exact thing & u have to spend hrs & hrs searching thru shit when you could just ask someone straight up im sure glad i came here. Feel so much safer knowing i have someone on my side thats just a question away. Thanks to everyone here & of course u2 my brother.


@GreenCoat can you tell me more about your red led lighting? Do your leds have deep red and far red in them? Are you running them the full 12 hours or just at the end of the 12 hour run? I’m looking at adding an Hlg 35 to my tent and was wondering if it was similar to your set up. Thanks


Just to clarify that’s not an HLG light in the center.
@GreenCoat are those lights raised just for images? CFL’s penitration rate is so greatly reduced after about 6 inches I believe they are doing much good that far away. From what I’ve read at least


Please people keep this going im sure there alot more questions and answers even if its something you’ve tried ect. We’re all here to learn & some to teach.


Ask away?
Did you have any more questions I believe there is great info here that answered your original post


Im just making sure that if anyone else has anything else maybe they wanna know or if anyone maybe sees something could be better ect ect. Is that cool with u? Or should I not try being cool with everyone or try making sure everyone is ok? Please if so tell me cuz im new new on here & i wanna know if im being an ass or something?