Lighting capability

I currently am using viparspectra 1200W, with 545w draw. Will that be enough for 4-6 plants in a 4x4 area? I also have a king 1000w but it only has 145w draw. Guess I could use that to make up, just not sure to just go ahead and get another viparspectra 1200w… opinions? My tent has a 2x4 separate area with a shelf. Was gonna go seedling/early veg with my 145w king led

Hlg 550 or two 260 xl will work better.

Like @Covertgrower said two HLG 260xl rspec would be better which comes in at 570 watts from the wall.

So yeah, you can grow 2 to 3 plants under your lights if Photos and you will have to stay on top of them. I used 2 Viparspectra PAR600 lights and my HLG lights blew the Vipars out of the water.

You would need to grow Autos if you want a lot plants in a 4x4.

This was 4 Photo plants.


This is the coverage it has and even though they state flower a 3.5x3.5 the chart shows weak coverage at the edges of the 2x2 area on the chart let alone coverage for a 3.5x3.5 and your looking to cover 4x4 area.

This will get you from seed to harvest but outside of maybe 1.5x1.5 ft area will not receive decent light for penetration and dense buds.
They suggest about 400 umol/m2 per second for flowering and that’s usually the challenge getting there on the edges.
As stated earlier there are much better options that will have similar power usage but 2-3x or more along the edges.
You can absolutely hook up the other light to help with coverage. If your looking to purchase another light similar in cost the HLG 260 XL would be a great choice. One of those would cover a 2x4 space great. 2 would be needed to cover the 4x4 and you could, as I and many others have done here, use the older lights for seedlings, clones, mothers etc.

Hope this helps

Dayum! Were those topped?

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Do the hlg 260’s just have white light? That’s all mine is

If you look closely, you will see the red bulbs. :+1:

Referring to the photo I posted. Don’t actually look at the lights.

Me and my always assuming shit, should have researched more…have a viparspectra that draws 545w. Might just make the hlg a preveg once it’s time to go 12 and 12. Have a king that draws 145w but has the full spectrum.

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Comparing a Viparspectra to a HLG light isn’t even in the same galaxy. The HLG blow the Vipars out of the water. :+1:

What about the red spectrum? Just buy different lights for flower?

The HLG has red spectrum.

Ok, so how does that work? Always have read white for veg and red for flower. That light looks white.

@dbrn32 Is the Light Guru.

Zoom in and you see see the red spectrum. :+1:


The HLG lights do a wonderful job from seed to harvest with fat dense buds. The 3000k (no r-spec) worked great but they’ve added the R-spec to the lineup adding some red which help during flowering even more. Not sure what else to tell you except they work great

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Little small to hit potential of a 4x4, but it will grow.

That makes me feel better about it. Thanks for the input.

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If you wanted to grow more than 3 plants, you need to go Auto. This is 4 Photo’s in a 4x4 under 2 HLG 260xl rspec and can vouch you will be happy with your crop results. I was shocked that the lights pay for them in that first crop. I’m settling around 27 oz. :+1::+1::+1: