Lighting calculations

How much do I need and How much is too much light in a 4 x 4 ×6 her leaves don’t look happy clawing they are…

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Not sure you can have too much light mate. Leaves look alright to me. UV lights so shouldn’t be getting hot in there.

Actually the tips of your leaves look burnt.

Your in flower so anything less than 12 hours

I understood the question. What kind, how many lights, how much watts?

50W per square foot.

Like @HornHead said what kind of light? wattage? Also what is ur ph and ppms?

That’s with hids leds are a little different because they dont tell u the actual wattage

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That is the at the wall measurement not the overinflated claims by the manufacturer.

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Ppfd average of around 800 umols per second is pretty solid. Above 1000 umols/s you would need supplemental co2 to make the most of it. If you’re running 800 watts of typical Amazon blurples in 4x4 you probably don’t have to worry about light intensity levels. Heat maybe, or running them too close. Really hard to see any issues with plants unless they’re in natural light.

So there is a 1000 1500 600 300 in the tent

That doesn’t mean a lot, they’re all a little different. That’s why the others were asking for which lights they were.

Inquiring minds wanna know what brands?

1500Arknoah, 600ygrow, 1000higrow 300,galaxy hydro 1000galaxy hydro

I used to like galaxyhydro/roleadro until they started really lying about their lights. I bought the 400w cob a couple years ago, now it’s labeled 800w. Same as the 600w, now they’re either 1000w or 2000w and still pull about 260w from wall. The ygrow only pull about 80w. With all of them together you should have plenty. More heat than you need though

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