Lighting before sprouting

Hi, newbie here

Never grown before, I’ve done some research regarding the processes and have a simple question which I’m finding difficult to answer

I have soaked seeds using the paper towel method and once the root has appeared I have then planted them in peat pellets.

They will be outdoor plants, just starting them inside. My question is regarding lighting.

Once the seeds are in their jiffy pellets, just underneath the soil with the root growing down, do I leave them in a dark place until they sprout out from the soil then introduce them to daylight Or do they need immediate light to come through the soil? As They will be outside plants can I put them on the window sill until they sprout? Then move outside once big enough?

Difficult to get an answer online.

All the help would be much appreciated

Thank you

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Seeds below the soil do not need light, but as soon as they break the soil light is the best option, just make sure you keep them warm, bottom heat is best, don’t let them dry out or keep them too wet and things should go well

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Edit: a window sill is not a great option, they dry out quick and die, some people put them on a propagation mat, cable box or something of the sort, you want 78-82 degrees (84 Max)


What I now understand is that for the seeds to sprout from soil, light is not necessary, but once they do, and this is my question, -apologies for this but once they do then, even if I use a propagation mat, the question is where do I place them once they have sprouted from the soil? I would like to use the outdoors but where in a house/inside or outside should I place them as they grow from sprouting out to the first 5-10cm or so.

Im in Australia in far north qld so days are long

Thanks for your patience

Once they sprout from the soil I put them under a light, I use a basic reading lamp with a fluorescent bulb on 24/7 til they all come up and I’ve never had a problem, but I should add I use a complete propagation tray setup including Dome and heat Mat so everything stays constant

sometimes I might put them in a corner of a grow tent under very diffused mh light, the last thing I would do would be to put them in a window because they tend to burn and die, but if you do attempt this be vigilant!


MKe sure light is close. Last sprouts I put in with an almost finished plant with a high light and they were a little stretchy. Always good to start off strong


Yes I use one or two reading style gooseneck style lamps with daylight fluorescent right on the top of the Dome sometimes, literally touching the Dome and I use these for No More Than 3 or 4 days until they’re all up, use a heat/humidity meter so you can keep track of what’s going on Under the Dome, 78-82 is best temp

… how often do you get to use the word ‘gooseneck’ ? :thumbsup: … and before coffee too !


I don’t thing I’ve ever said gooseneck. Gooseneck lol. I found this desk grow lamp some sharper image thing at the thrift store for like $4 surprisingly as they price so ridiculous sometimes. I found the same desk lamp I bought at Walmart for $6 at goodwill. It was dirty and somewhat broken and priced $5 :roll_eyes: Luckily they have an outlet where everything is $1 a pound if anything good makes it there that is


I have a question Mentors this is my light distribution its LED suppose to be 900 watts the reading on my meter is that where it

supposed to be or do I need more light

Thank you so much for the information and I will keep you updated

They have all germinated in the paper towel and have been transferred to peat pellets

then I put the peat pellets in a propagation system back in a dark cupboard with the dome on top (is this right?) which you advised that light isn’t needed for them to sprout out of the soil

So once they have actually sprouted from the top of the soil I will use as suggested the gooseneck lamps using the propagation system with the dome

Then transfer outside once they are big enough

Sound right?

I’ve never had to do it to any of the seeds I’ve recieved from ILGM, but scarification is a good idea for really old seeds, and does help all seeds germinate faster. Cannabis doesn’t seem to need stratification, and they can germinate in the presence of light, or in complete darkness, but the following video descibes soaking and scarification very well:

Happy germinating,



Yes sounds good keep the Dome on & temps 78-82 w/ high humidity, spray inside cover if needed

…as soon as the first one starts to come up make sure you get the light on it

  • good luck
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Thank you for your help I Have another question regarding lighting

I’ve read that in the veg state (once seeds sprouts ) it needs 18 hours of light or so to keep growing big and strong, then when it’s time to flower you switch it to 12hours daylight / 12hours no light
but as I’m growing outside and it’s 12/12 days at the moment here, does this mean that I should bring my plants in at sunset and give them another 6 hours of light inside before turning off the lights?

As I don’t want them to start flowering so small if I leave them outdoors on 12-12 days

Thank you

I can’t help you with outside growing but I can invite someone who can @Majiktoker

  • good luck

Ever use rapid rooter ? Need to google it as I’m not sure what they are

Horrible for starting seeds/seedlings (stay too wet)

…the best for cloning, I do a passive Hydro thing with my clones & R/rooters, have only lost one or two

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How can I be of help here bro

Hi @Majiktoker

I have germinated seeds using the paper towel method, once the shell opened and the root came out I transplanted into Jiffy peat pellets and then put them in a dark humid cupboard and waiting for sprouting.

I want to grow my plants outside. I know that during the stages of when the seed has sprouted from the ground it needs around 16-18 hours of light to grow (veg stage)
All I want to know is that if I grow them outside once they’ve sprouted as it is 12/12 days here now won’t that trigger flowering stage? (When can I put the plants outside and what light should be used prior) *seedling stage once it just sprouts
Or do I have to bring them in at sunset (after 12 hours of daylight) and give them another 6hours of light from inside ? Then once I want to have them flower leave them outside as it will be 12/12 days?

Thank you

Also, I have just checked and 6 have sprouted from the ground about 3cm overnight but they are all yellow so I’ve put them all in a propagation tray with no cover outside in the sun - suggestions? Can you posts picks up here?

Typically it depends lighting is your choice, and as for how many hours it depends on where your at, where I’m at summer time there is a max of 14 hours of light and they grow great.

You can have them outside and move them inside for another 6 hours but take into consideration that it might induce environmental stress, and for seedlings a good light choice would be a T5 bulb (T5 is a tubed flourescent bulb) or a cfl also a flourescent.

As for posting pictures here yes you can, if using a cell phone look for the upload button in the bottom right corner it’s in blue letters, then go to documents. Hope this helps out.

Happy growings

Okay so I was just reading this when the post popped up …I’m a little confused I think bacon’s asking:

its 12/12 now but they’re going into summer now so the days are getting longer

She doesn’t want to put them out and have them start flowering now, so she wants to know if she can bring them in after 12 hours outdoors and give them additional light to maintain veg

and then as the days get longer at what point can she put them out continually

…is this pretty much what your asking ?

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And I answered that as stated above second paragraph lol