Lighting assistance, one more time

Trying to outsmart google isnt working…and im sorry if im

im so torn about lights and i need to order one today! Im torturing myself over this, and in the mean time my seeds are germing!!. I find this more and more confusing the more i learn! For example… I’ll see a SF2000 with 3 different prices and 4 different coupons or discounts on Amazon. They are all so closely priced. Spider farmer, Vivosun, Phlizon, MARShydro, Viparspectra, AC Infinity, BLOOM…they seem to be IN THE SAME PRICE RANGE, within 75$ish, and the specs are so similar, it seems like preference becomes a major factor. Since i haven’t done indoor, idk what i like. (Knowing myself, id like 2 diff styles eventually) i really have focused on learning about LED and i like the square design…but maybe another shape is better? Idk. I just deeply desire even canopy coverage and want to take the insecurity away that my ladies aren’t getting what they need by ensuring them proper energy. Oh, before anyone asks me if ive searched online…lemme tell yah somethinnnn…Ohhhhhhhh, yes. OH, Yes, I have!!! Google is fed up with my searches. THEY figure me exhaustive and despite my futile attempts at considerate re-wording and thoughtful paraphrasing, the answers are always the same. So, i drew a few diff grow rooms, and id like to design one. Would anyone mind helping me put something optimal togetber? Ill share my drawings. I spent the entire day yesterday reading and comparing. I’m even more confuzzled. I learned a ton of shit and all it did is make this even harder!!! So, I decided this…I just want a good fukn light. I’m gonna remove the cap on what I want to spend and say that I don’t want to get ripped off or buy an inferior product. But I want a good light. I have a 4x4 tent and I’m going to set my tent up using a 3x3 area for the plants. So, I want a square area and I want the light(s) to cover the area completely. I’m a new grower, but I know how to work with plants. I don’t like to do things half assed. And I don’t like to have sub par equipment for hobbies (hobby=fun…). I gave my outdoor crop much love and the conditions were against me…and I know this. Every year is something else. This year it was dry heat, last year botyritis. I poorly selected my strains, over trained, over pruned and they still looked pretty good. So indoor, I want to step up my game… and from what I learned over the years, lighting is arguably the important variable. So if I tighten that up with good, proficient lighting, solid genetics and a quality pH pen I’m bound to be proud of my girls. I’m drying now and I’ve got airy, leafy ladies who lost a lot of weight. I’m lucky if I get 8oz out of 10 autos! So, I’ve got a lot to learn, but if my environment is nurturing, that’s a start! I just know i love growing. It soothes me. It makes me feel part of many things, including nature and community, and self love revels in the magic of optimism. If anyone is interested in chatting with me, lmk and I’ll give you my number! Much love…

If you have a 4x4 tent it makes sense to me to use a 2x4 space to start. Then when ready, use the other half and add another light.
Don’t get me wrong, I have a 3x3 and like the size and what I can do in it. However, two lights fitting 2x equal sizes spaces is easier to do than trying to piece together lights after one is purchased specifically for a 3x3 space.
Or, buy a light for the 4x4 knowing you will waste energy and $ if all of the space isn’t used.

Lights for 2x4
HLG 350r
HLG 320W xl rspec

Chilled Tech makes great lights.

Light for 4x4
The larger HLG 600 watt + lights
Scorpion Diablo
Suitably sized Chilled tech


Don’t torture yourself. We have all been down this road. I grow to relax not to stress myself out so take a pill and let’s see if I can help even if it is just asking another growmie to chime in.

I would recommend any light that fits your space by HLG. Lighting is going to be the most important purchase you make. Based on a 4x4 tent, this light would fit your needs.

I am here and open to continued discussion on this topic. Just remember…relax and enjoy the process.

This is the reason to hold on to when $hit gets frustrating.


Exactly what Beardless said. Great recommendation. I bought an hlg 350r refurbished, and I’m very happy with it. I converted from a cmh 315. I got 7 dry ounces from my first GG auto, and currently have an OG kush photo that’s looking pretty nice with dense buds. Go with HLG and you’ll never regret it. Use code DUDE.


Personal exchange of information is against community guidelines. Not everyone is in a legal state, and this is a public forum, anyone can see your posts.


I also recommend anything from HLG. If they are too pricey check the refurb. Also there are constantly coupons for like 10-20% off and if a veteran you can get 25% off. When I got mine for my 4x4 I was on a budget but wanted a good quality light. I ended up with an HLG 550V2 Rspec for $450 shipped. I will always be a supporter of them. They shipped it within 2 hours, I ordered on a Friday or a holiday weekend and yet they got it out 3 hours before they shut down for the day. I even did a review on this group about it I was so blown away ( and came back to buy a hat :rofl:). I know my grow wouldn’t have done as good as it did had I not went with my light choice.

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HLG was having a sale on refurbished lights using code mega50 I picked up a 600R for 309 bucks it is a 220 volt but the only difference is the plug if your comfortable changing the plug the driver works on multiple voltage 600 would do well in a 4x4

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Oh, ok. Im sorry.

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Oh, @dirtydave you dirty bird, you got the last one??? Lol. How often do the have sales like that?

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Hey @Lunabudz929 theres a design out there that helps spread out the light over the canopy, bar design, and allows you to reduce heat in your tent by moving the Driver outside your tent.

HYPHOTONFLUX HPF3000 LED Grow Lights 3x3 ft with Samsung LM301B & OSRAM diodes, 320W Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp with MeanWell Driver, Dimmable Daisy Chain Light Bar for Indoor Plants Veg Bloom

HYPHOTONFLUX DC Extension Cord Compatible with HPF3000 & HPF4000 and PRO-480 Led Grow Lights


Check out Grow Light Science. Their Grow 300 would be perfect in a 2x4…and it’s right at your budget. I have 2 Grow 300’s in a 4x4 tent,A HLG 650R in a 2nd 4x4, and a GeekBeast 630 in a 3rd 4x4. All my plants are from clones from my mother plants, grown in ProMix HP, fed with Jacks321, and are all in pretty much identical environments, as the tents are all in one room. The Grow Light Science lights have consistently given me the tightest buds and largest yields, with the GeekBeast 2nd, and HLG a close third. If I had to choose lights over again, I would go with Grow Light Science, as it has consistently given me at least an ounce more, sometimes 2, in yield.
Now that being said, you are never going to convince a person that bought HLG’s, Chilled, Gavitas, etc. that there may be better lights out there. There’s growers on here who have great results with cheap China lights from Alibaba. My only suggestion is that the light you choose has Samsung diodes, and a decent driver, such as meanwell.


Green-beams dot com make 2 lights, a GB2 and a GB4. GB2 is $179 and will do for a 3x3 tent, and then you can always add a 2nd one later. @SynysterChris got the GB4 and loves it.
I would have gotten one but they don’t (know how to) ship to Canada!


I’m pretty impressed with my gb4, to the point I got two GB 240s for my veg tent :smiley:

Only have one hooked up so far because plants arent big yet but I’m very impressed at how little heat it makes.
The Meanwell 240 driver is definitely a hotbox, but 8 ft cords = YOLO, You Only Live Outside lol

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So…i got the 350R…direction of learning about the lights was so helpful…i mapped out several diff specs to my best new ability, and this light is fabulous. Thanks everyone! I know i probably could’ve gotten away with a less expensive one, i really like the reviews and the company standards… they really make top knotch tech affordable… and i don’t want to be disappointed or just get something to hold me over… every grow is an investment…shit… and i don’t want subpar results. My hobby is where i want precision in my results. Its art. Its my happy space. If i wait months and im stressed the whole time that’s not fun. And learning is fun. So, thank you, and i look forward to sharing grows and getting advice! Much love!


350R is a good light. If your going to use it in a 4x4 might as well get another on order. Because one 350R is not enough for a 4x4 be it 1 or 6 plants in it. I use two 350R’s in a 2x4. Yeah I’m over lit but it gives me massive control. I also have two HLG 260 Rspecs in my 3x3. I will end up moving my dual 350R’s to the 3x3 and then putting the dual 260 Rspec’s in the 2x4 configured end to end. Good Luck!


I hear you on the light coverage with those quantum boards. They create that hot spot at the center of the canopy and limit how close they can be to the plants. I know you can dim them down but then you give up intensity, just what you need during flower. With quantum bars you place your fixture closer to the canopy at full strength. The quantum bar design spreads the light over a more coverage at full intensity. The one thing that deteriorates LED’s is heat. Quantum board have a hot spot on the board similar to the light map. No airflow at the center.
And when you tent limits your headspace….

Whoa! Well, alrighty then!!! :crazy_face::astonished::woman_cartwheeling: Maybe you should let me follow you around your growroom for a few days…:exploding_head::herb::zap:you sound like you def ‘get’ this!:brain: the best part is that I understood that. Lighting was what was holding me back on getting started. Ihave always wanted to, but the past 2 years…ive been ready the whole while, learning, sponging…oh, the hours ive spent. For me, i love to learn. I want to know what, when, why and where about everything. But electricity? It was gibberish. Id go on these forums and want to read about lights and start reading and be lost at the names. So i decided to take it back to college and get out a notepad and learn. And im so glad i did! Cuz i understood you! My light should be here soon, i can’t wait!!

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I don’t know about all that. What I do know is I’ve been fighting the lighting battle since the late 1970’s. And right now indoor grow lighting is better than it has ever been. And I look forward to more massive gains in the future. The one thing I have learned over the years is you can’t have to much lighting as long as you have dimmers and yoyo’s.


I’m super new to LED lighting and I’ve been looking around and found this LED light and for the price it seems to good to be true, am I missing anything?

only 210w the HELIOS Light produces a staggering 700-PPF while operating at an extremely low 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Developed specifically for growers maxing out their power capabilities, the HELIOS light delivers the photons your clones and flowering plants need to thrive while operating under 300w.

Our low wattage solution translates to a significant reduction in heat and massive energy cost savings, up to 70%, compared to other LED options.

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Welcome @JJ0917 I checked out the HELIOS website and didn’t find the 210w model. I did find a 400w full spectrum foldable.

How does this model compare to the nee 2022 model HYPHOTONFLUX Pro-480.
Limited-time deal $399: HYPHOTONFLUX 2022 PRO-480 LED Grow Lights 4x4 ft Full Spectrum with UV IR, Dimmable Daisy Chain Commercial Growing Lamp for Veg Bloom Flower, 6 Light Bar Samsung Diodes 3000k 5000k 660nm 385nm 730nm

I’ve been using the HYPHOTONFLUX HPF-4000 with additional far Red and UVA LED supplemental quantum boards. Now I’m seeing more ‘Full Spectrum’ grow lights with these built in.