Lighting and wattage

I am a beginner. Starting out small - 3-5 plants.
I need some guidelines on the wattage for the LED lights.
I will probably go with the Advanced Platinum or the CREE Growstar.
My plants will be growing in a half bath room - 4’ x 5’ with white walls.
There is an exhaust fan in the ceiling, going thru the attic and out the roof.
Thanks for advice and helpful hints!

The standard for growing is 50 watts per square foot. Be aware that the lights you have your eye on (often referred to as burples) are inefficient at best, and many call the manufacturers’ claims misleading.

Many (including me) would suggest you take a look at more reputable lights such as those supplied by Horticulture Lighting Group.

I started out with a burple light myself and then welt to HLG. The difference is results is significant.

@dbrn32 is the resident lighting expert and can weigh in with perhaps some more broad recommendations.

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First welcome to the community, if you’re planning on controlling the odor you will need a bigger exhaust fan then the standard bathroom exhaust fan. But you should be able to hook a good six inch exhaust fan, to were the original fan exist and exhaust out the roof. I agree with @FlxerPower good idea to look towards HLG lighting .

Power (watts) doesn’t really matter as the efficacy of lights can be a lot different. Ideally you would look at the total radiometric flux (ppf) of the lights you are considering. Then make sure it’s suitable for your space.

Chances are neither of the lights you mentioned gives you that info, so you can expect it’s probably low for the amount of power consumed.