Lighting and soil advice

Some advice needed for a fellow grower:

I just needed a few pointers along the way because I decided to try it
myself since I spend lots of money a year on tomatoes I have my tent
which is a 5 x 5 gorilla. I haven’t got the lights yet cause I am still
tryna decide which would be best for my area a 1000watt or 600 watt lamp?

You know on what to do exactly with soil that’s has
nutrients are you suppose to water with ph,d water or still make a 1/4
mixture with nutes to give in those 4 weeks with the nutrient soil I
just have a few questions. …any help will be gladly appreciated…!!

Have you read the grow bible?

Also maybe you can clarify your questions?

I have 1K watts looking down on my 4 by 4.

I use FoxFarm Ocean Forest. I add no nutes until flowering.

I always PH my water before I give it to the girls.

Question for old goat, what do you adjust your PH to when using fox farm ocean forest and do you change it when put into flowering?
P.S. have you been growing for long? Sorry I’m new to the forum here.

What do you add during flower? Saw your Christmas Tree WW looked great

I add what’s on the Fox Farm feeding schedule for flowering weeks. About half strength is how I mix it. I sometimes also mix it with more water. They tell you how much if you pay attention. Pot size makes a difference as well.

Trying to stay organic gonna use ff ocean forest and big bloom. have you ever used fish emulsion fertilizer? Last grow I used 2gallon pots What do you suggest?

I adjust my PH to as close to 6.5 as I can for all my soil based grows. I use the same PH throughout the grow.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

one white widow leaves are starting to drop over and roll under this was my first grow had brought some bullshit soil is it ok to transplant it to a better soil ??? also is this case of over water ???