Lighting and light scheduling (autos)

I’d say you’re in a good place right now. You’re set in the app as 20 on and 4 off. Correct?

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Yes sir

You’ll want to gradually adjust over the next 2-3 weeks to get to about 700 at the start of flower, then near 900-1,000 later in flower. Expect to have to play with dimmer and light height fairly frequently to keep things in the zone.

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Okay will do thanks for the help! :pray:

One more question do you know if jacks dead bug kills gnats?? I saw a couple fly so I just sprayed the dirt with it.

Use jacks or neem oil on the leaves with light off to deal with flying gnats. MAKE SURE LEAVES ARE COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE TURNING THE LIGHT ON. You will cook the plant dead with neem oil and light.

Use Mosquito Bits on the soil and water in to deal with the gnat larvae. A small handful sprinkled around is enough. The Bits you sprinkle will last weeks.

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Okay cool thanks just ordered some mosquito bits.

Started training today am I doing this correctly? Does that look okay?

Looks good to me. You’ll want to start guiding the lower branches to fill in the other direction. Twist tie wire or rubber coated wire to medium binder clips attached to the edge of the pot.

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So I’m at 4 weeks now but flowering has started my ppfd is only at about 420ish right now should I just keep gradually going up or should I go ahead and go to 700 ppfd?

Increase it gradually, but you’re a bit behind the curve right now. I’d recommend getting it to 700 over the next week and a half, then continuing at the same rate to wherever you want to be in flower.

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Will do thanks.