Lighting adding lights led

i have a 600 watt hps and sodium lights that works great old school thinking of adding a set of led lights will the led work together? or should i do away with the hp ?and if so what power of led to use ?and a good brand inexpensive led

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600 watt hps is a great light, I wouldn’t get rid of it unless you can’t control the heat created by it.


heat is not the problem, just want to get more light , just dot know if adding led would help or not

Adding more light will always help as long as it doesn’t get too the point that it causes photo inhibition or heat to the point where it can’t be controlled

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any idea if the led and hps are compatible?thinking of around 600 watt led

They are compatible in fact it creates a larger light color spectrum for you

that’s what i was needing to know , would 300 or less be good or should i go 600 thank u

It depends on how many square feet you’re trying to cover. I have a better grasp of lighting basics than I do lighting science.

@dbrn32 @1BigFella @Donaldj @Myfriendis410

All have a good grasp on advanced lighting techniques and principles and will be able to help you more


i have about 6-8 long 4 wide. i have a 5ft 8 bulb t5 hanging from the side that takes care of 3 beautiful girls just want to use up the area available if u know what i mean , adding another 600watt hps would get price

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Two 600 watt hps in there would be pretty good. If you want to go led, you just have to be careful about advertised hps replacement models. Not a lot of them provide the light output they claim to.


thank u sounds like hps is the way to go

Everyone’s needs are a little different. If heat isn’t an issue you’ll be able to cover space the cheapest with hid. There are some really good led options out there that could potentially save you some cash on your power bill, but they’re gonna cost a little more up front.

If you want to dabble in a little better light spectrum without going led you can check out the cmh or ceramic hps lights too.


thank u for the info ,gets confusing looking at led , not sure how big to go with led ? already have a 600 hid thinking of adding a 400-600 led , and there again so many led out there hate to buy one that will not work for my needs , i am from old school ,could u recommend a led model or make without breaking the bank ?again thanks for the info

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What’s your definition of not breaking bank? To cover something like a 4x4 area with most of the leds I’d recommend you’re probably looking at starting price of around $700. There are a few fixtures about half that would certainly add good light to the space, but would be a little short of calling the space done. Something like that reasonable?

yes i believe it would be cheaper on elect then adding another hid ,what would u recommend?

Much cheaper on bill per yield potential in my opinion.

I would probably look to add something like these. You could do one now and one later.

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Or this would do a 4x4 by itself.

Not the only options, but probably most cost effective as of right now.

thank you very much have not seen these , been looking on amazon ,like the 2tl not a bad price have to get some measurement when the girls wake up lol to see if the 2lt will work with my hid , right now i have a light mover working , i am still planing on using my hid with the 2tl and doing away with the mover , heat is not a problem as of yet only grow in the winter easy to get heat than cool , coming to a end till fall just want bigger buds lol thank you very much for the help like i said from old school but time to catch up with the new technology lol


You’ll be pretty happy with either. Not sure how your mover is configured, but if you can shorten sweep or mount around would be ideal. If you need to mount over the top of mover the cob based light would probably be a better option.

@dbrn32 helped me with my diy lighting and there’s a thread on the subject you would be wise to review. It’s long and technical in places and can be intimidating but really our lighting expert does a hands down superb job of bringing light to the darkness haha!

LED’s are badly marketed with “comparable to” being the main problem. Look at the actual plug draw at the wall to give you some idea of the amount of light to add and go from there. That said; I ditched 8 China lights from Amazon (LED) which was around $800! in favor of building 3 fixtures to replace them. By building my own fixture with later generation high efficiency LED’s I cut my electric bill in half and increased the photons in the correct spectrum to higher than former levels. I got the electric bill this month and it was $60 less than last month. THAT’s significant too.