Lighting 320 watt mars or hid


I have a 4x2x72 tent i plan on growing to plants in it. I have a couple Mars Hydro 320 s and I’m wondering if I would have better luck using 1 250w HPS during the flowering phase rather than using the purplish LEDs. I could also very easily upgrade to a 400 watt HPS if needed


welcome to the forums @Mush4kush i am staying out of it as i’m a rookie lol but i’m sure that the gang will be around to give you some insight and/or pointers.


This one?

Two of those is a lot of light for a 4’x2’ tent. Just one could do it. Unless they’re dimmable, then I’d throw them both in there and adjust as necessary.

The 250w hps would fall short of the 50w/sq ft needed.

The 400w hps would also work, but why buy something new when you’ve already got what you need?

@dbrn32 is the lighting guru


A 4x2 u could use ur 250w hps and the 320 mars hydro or the 400w hps should be enough by itself. 50w per square foot also leds dont quite get the penitration of a an hps. So the flowering foothold is always smaller. My 450w viparspectra only flower for a 2x2 area.


I would probably try with the lights you have first.


Thanks i was just curious as to if hps would give better buds i have used the leds but was just wondering if there was more to gain by using hps. I dont really have any complaints on the leds.


I will grow my first weed with Led’s. Is the difference big from hps to led’s ?


I think it will be fantastic to use HPS light with Purple light. Better spectrum i think.


More advantage to pushing more photons than a wider spectrum


Yes there is a big difference on spectrum and penitration into the plant. Hps better penotration and depending on hps u can have better spectrum the blurple leds. More uv blues and ir reds.