Lightburn or what?

Calling on gods of cannabis need to figure out if this is lightburn or something else.
Any help would be greatly appreciated this is only my second attempt at growing.
I have a 5 more plants in the same tent but each one has its own problems ugh… just worried about this one for now
ILGM Gsc Auto
Planted seed on 4/20
Currenty ending week 4 flower

Supersoil mix with bottom 1/3 of the 5 gallon pot mixed with NLS.
Only using organic dry amendments and teas as supplements.

Mars Hydro Ts3000 about 30" from most of the tops

RO with 20% to 30% tap aerated PH 6.5

VPD is between 1.4 to 1.55
Average flower temp 77
Average flower RH 50

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Hi there. maybe a little hungry. have u checked runoff numbers?


She is probably hungry. The bigger they get, the hungrier they get.


You guys think its a nitrogen deficiency in flower?
I cant check my runoff because im growing organically and dont water to runoff.

I am not expert on deficiencies. I have never dealt with problems so there is that. She is a big girl and more than likely starving to death.

For me, this is a very small plant. I grow Super Monsters and they get super hungry to the point I am feeding daily.

I don’ do runoff either. But you really need to if you have a TDS meter. This is used to help diagnose problems. It will show if its hungry or not.

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Maybe you should top dress with some worm castings?


My thoughts exactly, I topdressed with ewc and 3-9-4 about 4 days ago so im hoping it kicks in in next few days.
If not i might make a compost tea with a bit more nitrogen then usual.
What do you think?

@MeEasy is a very good organic grower he can probably help you diagnose your issues✌️ sounds like you may have it there with the top dressing

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I have a TDS meter so I guess on next watering I could do a bit of runoff and measure. Its just everything I have read about organics they advise not to dmwater to runoff but i guess a little cant hurt and I can always replenish the microbes with a tea?

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If you have runoff do your test and save the rest put it directly back in the pot since you’re organic you don’t want to waste all the little goodies

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Awesome I think he helped me recently with another issue. Great guy and really helpful he even tagged a few others but i still haven’t figured out the tag system in this forum.

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Just put the at symbol it will pull up a list of names once you start to spell it click on that name it should be highlighted in your sentence and then it will let them know you tagged them for assistance I’m sure he will stop by since he was tagged he’s very helpful

@JJ520 got it I will have to start writing down the names of all the good knowledge people in here so i can start tagging them.

About the only test you can do on dry organic runoff is ph the soil is to complex with many dissolved solids not just salt like with synthetic nutes

Edit = I guess you can do the test but you won’t learn anything from it like you do when using synthetics to feed

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I’m going to weigh in and say that the condition of the leaves currently along with where you are in flower I’d not waste any effort trying to add N to your grow. That said; worm castings are pretty benign and neutral PH so you can do that, but leaves won’t improve. You have some receding pistils but live ones forming so you still have some bulking up to do.


@Myfriendis410 @MeEasy would I be safe in adding a weekly compost tea high in phosphorus and then topdressing one more time in 10 days? I was also thinking of doing SST from corn?

I haven’t used supersoil but it’s my understanding that it’s a water only type product then you added nls I would think it is full of food so as long as you have been keeping it moist for the microbes to stay alive there should be plenty of nutrients available. The tea is going to be full of microbes and shouldn’t hurt anything, a little sweet something would help the microbes stay happy too, molasses would be best but a little brown sugar is good for em even white sugar is supposed to help a little but I wouldn’t use it personally. If you still want to add dry nutrients I’d wait 2 weeks between top dressing it is pretty hard to over feed with dry nutrients but it is possible

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@MeEasy I use blackstrap molasses in the teas
with a cup or two of ewc and some other things depending on the stage the plant is in. Should i turn the light up to full intensity I have it at 75% currently getting between 30-40 dli over a 18 hour period?

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It sounds like you could increase the light I think you said the light was 30" above, I’d drop it down instead of turning it up but it’s hot as :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: here
I don’t have a meter and my phone doesn’t work right with the app but I think I run somewhere from 45 and 65 dli during flower I start high and slowly lower the intensity after about 6 weeks. I watch the plants closely at first because some don’t like a lot of light, ill stick them in a corner where the light intensity is lower. This chart was floating around and I scribbled on it to show what I do it’s obviously going to change from plant to plant

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I need to redraw the lines on the chart I must have changed my mind since I drew that :laughing:

Oh as for the blackstrap molasses that’s the good stuff… I saw some weird phosphorus deficiency or something similar when I used molasses every week when I started skipping and doing every other week it never showed again… that was back when I used synthetic nutes, the product I use now has powered molasses in it so I don’t use it now

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