Lightburn on autoflower? First grow ☺️

Hey gang, this is my first grow attempt, and I’m super excited - also nervous.

I have 5 babies growing at the moment in an Aerospring indoor garden. It’s a really nice rig for my house. I hope I am doing right for these seedlings.

One of mine is showing some yellowing at the tips. There has been no nutrients added as I only moved them into their rockwool cubes on Aug 11. They just got put into the Aerospring on August 15.

I’m hoping I’m worrying over nothing, but if it’s something I can correct, it’d make me all the happier to catch it early.

I’ve had the temp no hotter than 82f (just four hours before correcting). No colder than 65f. Humidity is somewhere around 70-80%. If any of the seedlings got colder than the rest, it may have been this one. I leave it zipped up overnight, but that one was facing the side of the AC.

pH seems to be solidly around 6.

These two pictures are of the problem child. I took her out of the rig for today as I thought the light might be too much - maybe light burn? Again, no nutrients added yet.

Here’s the rest of the family & pH:

Thanks in advance, and I’m happy to give more information.

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It does look a bit like heat stress. How warm does she get? - you may be able to point a fan at the lights to help dissipate heat.

I saw someone mention an infrared thermometer to check leaf temperatures - it may be a fine temp in the room as a whole but some hot spots may exist.

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As a side note, let me be the first to recommend getting an accurate ph meter - BlueLab or Apera make great meters - I used the drops and it was not very efficient. The range is too broad even with a .2 color chart.


I haven’t seen it get any hotter than 82-84 before I caught it quickly (2-4 hours only). It was the first time i zipped up the sides of the enclosure. That obviously kept the heat in a bit more.

I’m going to take some pictures of the temp throughout the day so I have a reference to look at tomorrow.

Thanks for the suggestions on the pH meters. I got one off of amazon that came all scratches up. I didn’t know to trust it or the drops, but they were different. I’ll buy one of the brands you mentioned for a second/third opinion :slight_smile: Thank you for your solid advice!

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