Light usage and yield per plant

Hello everyone. I am growing with a The Mars Reflector 48 LED Grow Light in a 70cm x 70cm x 1.6m grow tent.

Is this light strong enough for 5 clones to get to their potential and what sort of yield should I expect from this amount?

Thanks again

That’s about 28"x28"? I’m afraid not. That light is only 100 watts at the wall. You’re going to need about 250-300 wall watts for that space


5 plants in there will need to be kept fairly small. I agree that you could probably do better too. What kind of harvest are you expecting to get?


more light…=…more fruit


First grow so I was hoping around 100g or so. 20 per plant would be great.

This is the biggest lesson I’ve taken from this. I’m in the process of looking at new lights. Any suggestions for the size of my tent would be super helpful.

You have realistic expectations. I would say if you keep plants healthy and manage your canopy +/- 100 grams is possible.

Your space is capable of producing quite a bit more though. I think with better lighting and a full canopy you could pretty easily pull 7+ zips out of there. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of great lights designed for that size space. A diy project would be your best bet.

Thanks so much for the quick response. Appreciate it.

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No problem. Do you think building a light is something you could do? Besides getting something custom for your space, would allow you to get in on higher end leds at a good amount of savings.

dbrn32…is the light expert. He mentors lots of dyi light projects.