Light usage and cost per day

Light draws 100.5w+5%@ac120v
12 hrs a day
@ 0.19 kwh

How much am I looking at per day?
And what Formula do you use?

Thanks in advance

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.19/kwh means you pay .19 to use 1000 watts for 1 hour. Or 100 watts for 10 hours.

Let’s say your light is at top of tolerance, that would be about 106 watts per hour. On 12 hour schedule that 1,272 watt hours, or 1.272 kwh. 1.272*.19=$.24168.

Say on the high end it costs about a quarter per day to run your light for 12 hours. If you have fans, heat, ac, humidifier/dehumidifier would obviously cost more to run your space. And you could see increased costs from your hvac in home as well.


@dbrn32 thank you for the break down!

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Thanks for that explanation @dbrn32

my brain is now smoking out the ears after reading it.

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