Light upgrade for 75cm x 75cm

@DoobieNoobie Few questions for you :slight_smile:

Based on your build of 8x SI-B8U261560WW‎ and HLG-185H-C1050B‎…

  • Should I build it square to fit the shape of my tent, as opposed to a rectangle? Does spacing between strips matter much?
  • Is it correct that 8 is the upper limit of strips for this driver?
  • Do you drill the heatsink to attach, then just stick the LEDs to the heatsink with the thermal tape?
  • Is this good for Veg and Flower?
  • Can I run it maxed out at 200W no problem?
  • I’m having problems sourcing that width of a heatsink, would more of the same aluminium U profile be okay?
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with the HLG185H-C1050A (B)
A is onboard potentiometer
B is you need to wire an external potentiometer

The 1050 is constant current @1050 (strips are rated for 1150max)
Each strip is rated at 23V so 185/23 = 8
The 185 is the max Watt for the PS. It actually can do a bit more than rated.

  • so 23 x 1050 x 8(boards hooked in series) =193.2W

Here are the specs for the strips:

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Okay, so I want the A?

My last question is how to wire this up, just wago all the lights together with the driver out into those as well? Parallel right?

So 2 x 5-port wagos?

Sorry, I haven’t used the electrical brain for a while. Thanks for the explanation on the driver, I love learning this type of stuff :slight_smile:

I used a 1/8” or 3.17mm plate to mount my QB boards running @ 1050CC. I don’t se why you couldn’t use 75mm x XXmm U channel aluminum as the mounting for the strips and then either an L or U bracket for the cross. Maybe @dbrn32 could suggest another heatsink alternative for the UK. HeatsinkUSA is a source for the heatsink in the US but shipping may be prohibitive.

There are may types of wago connectors. I used traditional electrical tape and solder instead.

You would hook the strips up in series (thus additive Voltage). If you hook them up in parallel you could get a runaway voltage situation if a short circuit were to occur that you do not want.

I like the onboard potentiometer so yes A

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Squarish would be fine. Going with those strips you really dont have any control over the length of them, but you can spread them out a little if need be. But there won’t be a big difference in something like 1/2" either way.

Yes, 8 is it with this strip and driver.

You would do some mounting of the heatsink to frame, which could be done a number of ways. As far as mounting strips to heatsink, the tape is all you need. Just clean both surfaces with rubbing alcohol before applying tape.

3000k or 3500k does a great job as seed to harvest light.

Yes, max power may even come in a little higher but should run fine that way.

You can channel in place of heatsink, but having less surface area won’t cool as well. If you use channel make sure it has a reasonably thick base and be wider than the strips.


Excellent, thanks guys, going to get my order list straightened out shortly :slight_smile:

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Sorry I was slow on the reply. I got a new edible in and spent the better part of the last 24 hours being lazy af. Looks like they got you covered on info.


Yep thanks anyways man, hope those edibles were good :wink:

I thought I could source this stuff in UK, but turns out I can’t, so I’ll have to import the LEDs and power. Still cheaper than buying a kit :slight_smile: I’ll update this thread if I manage to build this thing!

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It’s easier than it looks. :wink:

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The satisfaction of DIY is amazing. And it’s fully customized to your space.

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Ok, got my LED strips and power ordered. Turns out Arrow ship from US to UK, but have DDP so all the duty and import is covered by them. With the 10% discount, I got that and the wire for £150. (just be aware they add the 20% VAT at checkout).

Maybe useful info if anyone else is planning this :slight_smile:

I can get the U channel in store, and the other bits on ebay :slight_smile:

Total cost is going to be around £180. Pretty reasonable I think!


Should be a kick ass light for the price!


I missed this earlier sorry. Digikey is in UK, you could order stuff from there.

I messaged them. They told me their stock is in US warehouse too. Arrow are cool, all the import charges are covered so it’s a good deal too :slight_smile:


I built my light!

Stuff from USA (Arrow) arrived within 2 days. Crazy fast, it arrived before other stuff I ordered in the UK!

I bought some U channel from B&Q to make the frame and to use for heatsinks. This was the most annoying part…One store didn’t have everything I wanted. I tried some local aluminium stockists, but they also didn’t have what I wanted (some didn’t reply at all, I guess because small order).

I think I ran over budget a little, but I’ll break it down for anyone else thinking about this build (rounded to the nearest pound).

Light strips - £95 Arrow
Power driver - £37 Arrow
Wire - £3 Arrow
Thermal tape - £5 Ebay
Wago’s (x15) - £4 Amazon
Kettle lead - £6 Amazon
Light hanging wire kit - £9 Amazon
Adjustable rope hangars - £10 Amazon
U Channel - £45 B&Q
Self tapping screws - £2

Total: £216

This still works out at just over £1 per watt, and becomes even better if you can order in bulk, or have some of this stuff lying around already. Just make sure you have the tools available to cut / drill aluminium. No soldering was required at all, wagos and on-board connectors only.

It took one evening to build. Turning it on…wow, it looks like it blows my Hipargero 800W out of the water… with full tent coverage too!

Thanks @WickedAle @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 for the advice, I think this was definitely a great investment!


Awesome! It looks great, nice work!

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Light turned out great! Nice job. Plants will like that!


Awesome job! Congrats on the new light I’m sure your plants will love it. And even being a little over budget it’ll probably out perform anything you could’ve bought at that price.