Light upgrade for 75cm x 75cm

My tent is 75cm x 75cm x 200cm with 3 plants.

Currently i’m running a Hipargero 800w found here

The site says it’s good for 3ft x 3ft (90cm x 90cm), but i’m told in reality this could be underpowered.

If I was to upgrade my light, would I notice a big difference in yield to be worth it, or is the Hipargero alright?

Looking at 150w / 260w HLG Quantum boards. Still my first grow, so would have to be very worth it for an upgrade so soon.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Compare for yourself what a single QB288V2 could do compared to your light:

Your light (PPFD values in the center). Values drop significantly as you move from the center.

QB135 (or DIY QB288V2):

In a 75cmx75cm (or 30”x30”) you can really only do 1 full size plant (~60cmx60cm) otherwise you are crowding them. A 135W would only light a 60cmx60cm space but a 260W would be overkill for a 75x75.

I plan to grow only 1 at a time after this batch.

Not sure what to do for now. The falloff from this light seems huge, and by the sounds of it my whole grow area is gonna be crammed. Maybe just plug on with what I have and treat this as a learning experience?

Next grow I’m planning DWCS so maybe that would be the time to change things up a bit once I’ve made a few more mistakes :slight_smile:

Front gold leaf plant is 95cm ID grown in DWC.

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Oh damn, that looks lovely. Did you do any topping to achieve that?

Yes. Start from center and move out as the lower branches catch up.

I’ve topped mine once, maybe I’ll do it once more then ScrOG training. But now I’m worried about my light. More research for me I think :slight_smile: Wish I could have a bigger tent!

With a single plant and single QB288V2 you could easily yield 5-7oz(150-200g). Maybe even more depending on the strain. That’s quite good considering your space. Will payoff a new light in the first grow.

Another option would be a DIY Samsung strip light set up to cover your entire 75x75.

This thing says its suited to 75x75. Any advantage to that over the QB? Might look into a DIY board and see what price that comes up as. Thanks for the info, that is probably the way to go :slight_smile:

Problem with those ad’s is they leave out crucial information. What is the efficiency of the LED’s Yes you can push 240W through a light like the one you have, but you may be only getting half the efficiency of the Samsung LED’s in the QB’s. They get ~ 2.5-3 joules/Watt. Lower efficiency LED’s will just generate heat.

Where are you located? @dbrn32 may be able to direct you to where you can buy components for a DIY setup. If you are handy, (cutting, drilling, screwing, bolting, wiring) then DIY is the way to go. Save 30-75% over a premade light.

UK here. I’m a bit handy, can do things when needed :slight_smile:

Diyleduk, check him out.

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Yep was looking on there too :slight_smile: Most things are out of stock sadly, just the Scope-150 kit available.

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This is a DIY strip light (~200W) @DoobieNoobie did with 8x SI-B8U261560WW strips. This may be perfect for your setup. It uses the same Samsung LED’s of QBV1.


Thanks so much man, is there a link to that post? Would love to read up on it if there is something!

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Can be obtained from Arrow Electronics in the UK for £11.94 each. You would need a Meanwell HLG185H-C1050A @ £36.79 also from Arrow. You would need to cut and frame together aluminum U and L bracket. And 8 strips would generate ~35K lumens about perfect for your space.


Conversation starts here:


Perfect! Next project sourced then hehe :slight_smile:

Just tag me if you need any help or any parts clarified.

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