Light Track light mover

I just got a light track but haven’t put it up yet. Does anyone have experience with these? I have a 1000 watt MH/HPS solid state ballast, currently 25 inches above tops and set at 650 watts output. If I read this chart correctly they are saying I can go to 15 inches at 1000 watts with their product and actually have similar light levels all across. It sounds like a broiler to me. Any comments.


Not much help but I do know the guru @dbrn32

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It does make sense. Imagine someone that laid on the beach all day compared to someone that was moving in and out of shade all day. The beach goer is going to be burnt to a crisp where the other is fine.


If I had to guess thos numbers are averages, then I would say seems about right. You have to remember that intensity directly below the lamp isn’t going to change whether it’s on mover or not. Just that the area that’s directly below the lamp will constantly change. So if you plan to do this, start higher and gradually lower watching for issues.


Ive got two 600 watt hps I wonder if you can attack two to this without straining the motor?

The trolley device rolls on hard rubber rollers which seem quite firm and should handle reasonable weight. I didn’t get a spec sheet for the unit, but it seems fairly sturdy. As long as the track is level it should do fine. My unit has a bar with three eye bolts in it to hang stuff from. It has a center bolt and two more about a foot out in either direction. The bar can be rotated for proper direction.