Light too close for seedlings?


This site is frickin amazing. I think Ser Screw has u on pace to tame those auto pots. Don’t b afraid to keep poking him :joy::joy::joy: sorry I miss a bit sometimes. N I’m no coco grower but what I read says shoot for between 5.6-6.1 so that maybe why so light green. Keep growing n you’ll keep learning. That I promise ya. :+1:t5:


Many growers get into a pickle by treating coco like soil.

There are tips and techniques that, if not followed, almost always lead to issues in the grow.

Too bad I wasn’t involved sooner but we can only treat what group consensus agrees is the problem.


They all look decent this morning. The bigger plant has some curling of the leaves, but all others look fine, have even maybe grown a little bit.

There is actually new growth from main stem on the bigger plant that appears fine.

Leaving them alone for now. “Grow green little girls, grow green. Daddy loves you” I whisper to them daily. LOL


Lol a lot nicer then I am. Someone said they go in their tent with a whip n a chair the other day. I completely understand


I’ve quickly come to realize that I’m the bitch in this relationship and that they will dictate EVERYTHING, whether I like it or not. Awkward at first, but I’m learning. LOL


I know how you feel and I think we were all there at one time.

You will learn to “read your plants” after 3-5 grows and you will know what worked and didn’t work.
This will lead to comments like “you’ve got her dialed in now @ElmoMan” , trust me.
I’m not even there after five grows but I’ve lost that feeling that I am their bitch hahaha

You set the standards, if they balk, you renegotiate. Then you (we all) make stoner or human mistakes, the plants will tell you you fucked up. Just as they will tell you when they like what you are doing. Patience is hard not necessary. Hang in there.


And the newbie mistakes continue. LOL! Not sure how, but I’m the only one to blame here. Lights have been on 24/7 for maybe 3-4 weeks. Not 100% sure on when this happened. Stoner mistake? Oh yeah.

Nothing else really happening. There’s enough happening in that tent already!


are these auto’s or photo’s? Either way, shouldn’t make a huge difference at this point. I’ve done that and it’s not a big deal.


These babies are photos.


Might be too late but depending on about how long they have been on 24 hour lighting, I might ratchet it back in 2 hour increments vs lump sum. Just a precaution not to shock them or cause hermies


Yup. Ease em off the 24-0. How many weeks again? I could just scroll…


Way, way too many. I think it’s 10. Yep. Stunted, overfed/underfed, you name it. All for the greater good eventually.


Haha definitely. All lessons well learnd. You can’t pay for lessons like this


An hour per day reasonable, or should I do it over a week?


Not sure. Every 3-4 days should be fine. But may force flower after a couple cycles


I think I have crisis averted for now. They’re significantly smaller than where they should be, but they seem happier now. Will aim to double them in size and then put into flowering. The autopots is depleting an inch overnight, so I can only assume that someone or all of them are drinking. Next grow I’ll wait considerably longer before transplanting them.

Many thanks for the thoughts and advice I’ve received (and likely to receive in the future)!


Plants are now 10-12" in height and I have to say I’m very happy with their progress.

Simple questions, would you wait, or start a scrog net now? What’s an appropriate height to start flipping them?

@raustin, @Screwauger, @Sixpackdad, @peachfuzz, @PurpNGold74, @Familyman


Refresh my memory, how old are the plants. I am doing a first time scrog and flipped to 12/12 after 6 weeks from sprout. I put them into the scrog at approximately the same time.


End of October, but they got endless abuse until I received good advice from I!


I would net them now and start training asap… :wink:
Then figure in height limits and then post a pic and we’ll see what we can come up with… :wink: