Light too close for seedlings?

Yup @Screwauger is the autopot king. Ill defer to him here. But i dont think half strength is a bad idea. :+1:t5:

Transplant into autopots showed me that the roots didn’t go as far down as I had imagined/hoped/read. Only two showed roots to the bottom of the solo cups. I’ll mix up nutrient water ph’ed to 5.8 at ~300ppm again and feed/water them until runoff. They’ll have about 12 times the amount of light they had, so hopefully I didn’t traumatize them too much. They might be weeds, but I want mine to flower!

Is it possible that I’ve underfed them all this time, or I have compounded so many problems that there’s no way to tell? Good news is that I’m learning lots daily. Bad news is, I’m not out of the woods yet.


They will rebound well.

Your overwatering… :wink:

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@peachfuzz, I was overwatering them now that I see how they react without it. I only fed and watered them yesterday because of the transplant. I don’t anticipate needing to feed them again for a week. I won’t even peak at them today. Each new grow should he better and better.


Okay, so fear got the best of me and I had to check the pots to make sure there wasn’t more runoff that was stagnant at the base and perpetually drowning the girls. They look okay, one leaf dying, may have been supposed to die anyway. No clue. Humidity is too low though, so turned off my exhaust filter, left a fan on. It’s only 21 degrees in there, so the heat from the lights could be beneficial.

How many grows before you actually learn to leave them alone? Ha!


I haven’t learned that particular skill yet, either!


Ditto that. Im only on grow 2. N they have my undivided attention when im home n lights are on. I poke, prode, train, water/feed, tuck, rotate, talk to, n repeat :joy::joy: thank goodness i work 9 hours of ‘lights on’ time


If tips are burning, should I be thinking too much light after transplant? I’ve got Mars 400W on veg right now at 24", should I raise to either 30" or 36"? Wait it out?

I don’t think 24" away would be overwhelming your plants. Got a pic?

Right after dinner I can get you that. This is a balancing act after all.

Your squeezing your lil bunny rabbit to death , as we say… over loving… strangling… :wink:

Let them grow… :grin:


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@peachfuzz, you’re right. 100% right, but…I’d like to make sure I set them up to grow without hurting them anymore. Here is the latest under 200W equivalent LED daylight. I turned off the veg light for the pictures.

20181116_202301 20181116_202304 20181116_202313


3/4 seem to be enjoying their new homes. Only checked on them twice yesterday! The plant with most burnt tips got a trimming to remove the burnt stuff. Some growing noticed on all 4. Humidity is only at 41%, but temp is still good. Not much to do but wait for them to be thirsty.

As a side note, I’ve started a CBD Dutch Treat in coco/perlite and then moved it to dwc after 1 week. Using clay pebbles only for dwc. I wouldn’t be surprised if it surpassed these guys. To be fair, it hasn’t had the abuse that I subjected these guys in the beginning.

No pictures of the girls today. I’ll try and take pictures on their next watering, or the day after.

Looks like light burn to me. She looking any worse?

Maybe a little worse. They’re all looking slightly yellow today. No feeding, no water, not even a hug. Even my DWC one is having color issues, but the pH was off. Since corrected.

Here is my DWC Dutch Treat:

Taken with 100W LED (23W) daylight bulb.

Yup pH outta whack probably had them not eating. Have u ever foliar fed?

I have never foliar fed. Only the DWC one had/has the pH issue. The 4 in the coco/perlite may be getting too much exposure to light? Currently at 24".

Add a few inches. The light green isnt light burn. The white leaves were. The light green means they maybe hungry. What line of nutes u plan to use

Green Planet GP3 kit is what I’ve been following so far. I also just obtained GH Flora Bloom series, which I intend to use on my next grow (or after I run out of GP3).