Light timing question

Would there be a major impact on the plant if I was not able to give it exactly 12 on 12 off?
Unfortunately I work 12 hour shifts, so I was curious if a schedule such as if it had lights off for 12.5 - 13 hours and lights on for 11 - 11.5 hours.
What would this do to the plant?

Ultimately I know 12/12 is ideal, but I am trying to determine whether or not I need to try to find a cheap but reliable timer. I don’t exactly have too much money I can spend on this now. (Everything else has been budgeted in including power bill increase).

You’ll be fine. Even in nature they don’t get exactly 12 on 12 off

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When you get able to get you a veg Bloom timer I think they’re about 35 bucks. You can set it where your lights come on at night plants sleep of the day will save you on your power bill. Power companies charge more for the usage during peak time. Good luck

Get a timer. Whatever light schedule you give, it has to be relatively consistent or it can stress the plant.

What if the boss asked you to stay late? Or you run out of gas?

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Exactly no one wants to consider either of those “inconveniences” are gonna happen
to them. But sh*t happens.


walmart timers have worked well for years. around $5 each.

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Thank you everyone for the input! I will look into a few timers!

I use one of the Wally World cheapo timers for my exhaust fan and works well kinda like a timer lol. I have no issues with it. It’s the style you have to flip the switches on but like mentioned above pretty cheap for the peace of mind.

Anything under 12 hrs of light is ok, ive even gone with 14 hours of darkness and 10hrs of light as long as she get 12hrs of darkness or less you golden