Light times and yellow plants

Hi first time trying to grow some auto bud plant . First question do I change light time, I usually do 18 hours grow then 12 flower will this apply to auto. This doesn’t look right

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Autos don’t care. That said; if you know the output of your lights you can determine the Daily Light Integral or DLI. You might not need to run 18 on to get to that point.

Plant is in flower, looking like it’s pulling N out of leaves: not uncommon. Remember, as plant flowers it’s also dying. Sometimes the plant resists every effort to stop progression. I had a GDP last grow that behaved like this.


I agree with my friend I have two cheese berry autos now that have been yellow in a tent full of green plants. They’re budding up nicely right along with the others, I can’t explain it but some plants are just kinda albino maybe… by the way welcome to the neighborhood @Gman0

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Cannot tell from the picture or your info what the “issue(s)” might be with your plant.

FYI, I recently resumed growing auto’s after about a 60 year “gap” since I last grew. My first grow with auto’s last year I replanted them not once, not twice, but FIVE times. Psst: they survived my best inadvertent attempts to kill them. The hours/day is not that big an issue of Light v Dark. I currently run 20/4, but I also used 18/6. Light QUALITY is an issue. Last grow I invested in a quality lighting system. KAPOW!!! did that have a HUGE effect. Since you didn’t mention your light system nor the distance from the grow, others might best answer your concerns there.

To me, your plant seems to be growing well, but FAR too yellow, suggesting a nutrient issue. You might ask others about that topic too.

Remember: Growing is learning. Keep trying. I am in my sixth grow right now and finally the buds and my yields are getting incredible.

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