Light that came with my grow room

So I’m ready to put a seedling in its forever pot but I’m wondering about the light that came with the grow room seems intense should I just raise it high above the plant and monitor …?..


If possible put some pics and or info on light

Light is a 17,500 Luman hps light …

I don’t have any experience with hps. I will tag someone who would have the knowledge to be able to advise how far you should set light above seedlings. As a general rule, you can put the back of your hand right at plant level and if it is to warm for your hand then it is to hot for plants. @dbrn32

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I like @MrPeat used to hps… @Grandaddy013 as well…

17500 lumens isnt gonna cut it info wise. Do u know the wattage? Brand? Got a picture? Or can u find a link to it on amazon

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That would be a 150 watt HPS, it will be fine, start it about 14-16 inches above your sprout and have a fan blowing between the light and plant. Lower light a few inches if you see excessive stretching.


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:+1: @Hellraiser has you set