Light switching early veg

26 days in from sprout. I’ve been using my light which is an agromax afs 1830 720 (watts) since seedlings. The light has a dimmer option for 25% 50% 75% and 100%. It’s been on 25% on 18/6 cycle. I just received my electrical wattage meter and the light tested at 209 watts @ 25%. I have the light roughly 26 inches from plant tops. just received my Hlg 300L Bspec which I was going to be using for clones/veg for the next grow. Question: should I just switch up lights now and reduce the wattage or continue as is being that plant seems relatively happy? Would changing light and reducing wattage cause issues? @dbrn32

My Android phone has the photone app (or something). Measuring LUX, PPFD, and DLI computations are available. regardless of the phone, app or setting, my plants don;t like the lights closer than 20 inches. LSS, I run all the lights I can, and they learn to live. I can’t use the meter to set lights, but I can use the IR-Gun and set -3leaf temps with system controls. Keeping under 80 degrees and maxing DLI/PPFD/PAR is out of my control, until I buy better lights. Increase your wattage and map you tents.
forum thread of mine (“RE-Veging a continous grow”), for lighting, mapping, wattage information.

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Thanks Deep. I’ll have a look.

These three have been in a tent under 700 watts. Lights at 25 inches (multiple aged plants in tent).
These three were 11-1-22 into dirt. One favored and the other two left to fend for themselves. Their will to survive is strong and some day, they will be rewarded with more dirt, light, and space. All are the same age, tent, and lights. Favored

Not positionally favored nor given better care.

last Night, HNY

Temperature, RH, and IRGun allow me know where the grow is on the chart.

@DEEPDIVERDAVE appreciate the visuals and chart. Helpful.

You should be able to swap lights no problem. If you have been running around 200 watts and things look good, i would just set the hlg-300 around the 200 watts

@dbrn32 thanks. I’ll give it a try

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