Light switch for WWs after 6 weeks?

Hey All

Have been reading a bit elsewhere on the net about resin maturity in WWAF late in flower…curious to know if I switch my 6.5 week flowering autos to 12/12 if I can optimize the final “push”… would like more indica influence, this seems like the way to cause it, according to others, what is the sense here?

Honestly up to you, but FYI autos dont really respond to changing with light be more rather age.

However you can try and if you do keep is posted


Thanks @Majiktoker I’ll def share the results if I do, have a great day

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When you say you want more indica effect, I assume you mean more body high…like couch lock. If I am misunderstanding ignore the following suggestion.

I have been reading here that letting your buds/trichomes mature longer with more amber color will bring more of that effect. Someone with more experience can correct me if I am wrong.

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