Light suggestion


I bought Mars pro II 160 last week and hooked it up yesterday. I like the blue and purple light design. :grinning:


Anyone used Mars Hydro light before? Any suggestion would be much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:


Three Babies under Mars pro II 160. It seems like they like the Monther sun. Lol


Now you know why they are called “blu-rple” :slight_smile:


:joy::joy::joy: okay. got it


Its great to know that you’ve finally started.
Don’t worry mate indoor weed cultivation is a kind of evergoing experimentation that’s what i think.
You’ll too learn things on the go. I too learnt that way.
And in case you’re just starting out you should avoid fancy pricey grow panel. Yeah, being frank, i made mistake of choosing Platinum LED 2 years back. Given it to a friend because with that grow panel i lost a lot of money and failed to get even a gram of yield.
Yeah, due to mistake of keeping it on blooming and on continous operational mode.
Plants burned and lost my interest on indoor cultivation.
Just last year, one of my friend motivated me and adviced to start with a bit cheaper LED grow light that work.
With time i learnt a lot and just last month i upgraded to VIparspectra Reflector 600W. Its doing great.
Keep trying and experimenting.
Believe me, Everything will start going well with time and experience.


Thanks for stopping by, man. It is a long way to be a more experienced grower. I need to learn more grow tips right now. As for the light that you recommended, i learnt something about it before bought Mars pro II 120. Mars have many review videos on youtube. I watched a lot and then the idea come to my mind. Maybe next time, i will try vipar light if Mars light let me down. lol.


I bought a Mars pro II 120 last Friday on their website. But today, when i checked my order info on their website. I found that they will do black friday promotion. That is very bad. :joy: I asked them if i can join in that promotion to save some money but they said no.The reason is that the light is on the way to my location. They cannot stop it. :tired_face:

At that time, i really want to cancel this order because of this. If i get the light and am not satisfied with this light, i will definitely ask refund.


My babies grow so fast. As a newbie, i still didn’t meet any hard problems yet. God bless me. Lol.
I love the Mars pro II 160 so far:kissing_heart:. My friend is using Mars pro II 120, he think it is ok.


I am using its most powerful light proII1600led, I will start a grow journal here later, then you can see my grow facilities and process.


Thanks for stopping by. man. Hope to see your journal here.


Here is one of my babies. I am very satisfied with my effort. Lol
I need to learn more grow techs for the next grow.


Did your plants have a good time during weekend? It has been long time from your last update


Thanks for asking, buddy. My plants grow very well. I didn’t have a chance to take a picture.


I noticed that Mars were looking for testers for their new light on facebook.
I am very interested in that but right now, i don’t have spare time.
I hope the new light could do better in flower. Because the light i was using do perfectly in Veg, but i am not so satisfied with the flower stage.


The new light can be checked on their website. It named SP series. And there is a youtube video about some introduction. Do you guys think the white color can beat purple light?:face_with_monocle:
I got their reply. They asked me about the social media account. Damn. I would not share that with them. I will definitely buy one for my babies. It is not expensive for me. Lol.:sunglasses:


This is the picture i got from their Facebook group. The new light looks great. I will definitely buy a one when they have stock in warehouse.


This white bar looks very bright, I think you can see more feedback of this grow bar here. Sara told me Mars has sent two samples to test here.


oh, really? Damn. I sent Mars email about my situation but never heard back from them. What a pity! Lol. But this light is not pricy. i think i can afford it. :sunglasses:


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