Light Stress Training

This is an Amnesia Haze auto flower at the end of its fourth week. It is not quite 6 inches high and about 11 across. It seems “full” but squatty, leaves are close to the soil. I have read about LST but I don’t know that it would be a good idea for my plant.
I have seen taller plants at this age…I would be worried i would break it. Is there another means by which the outcomes of LST that could be recommended or would a short plant actually benefit from the traning?

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i have had autos go 8 weeks before flower. bend her over and tie her down. and keep doing it through the stretch. or leave he and see what she does and start training later on if u like. I almost always train. this plant is only 11 inches tall trained but making huge colas cuz the light can get in there.