Light stress or something else beginner

About A bottle and half every 3 days. That’s makes sense about having dry spots because I do like a circle around the whole pot

@Lilcandired you should feed her 1/2 gallon by this time or less until you seed water coming out from you pot that’s call runoff

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How large of a bottle? A liter? Should take 2-3 liters at this stage to saturate your soil.

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Thank you everyone for the help!!! I watered her some more until I saw a bit of runoff hopefully that will do the trick

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Just keep in mind, those leaves will not recover. Once the plant decides to pull the leaves nutrients, the plant will abandon them. Just keep an eye on the currently unaffected leaves.

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I would give her a drink 20 percent run off test the water going in and comming out ph should be running around 6.5 to 6.8 going in and coming out. I know it’s probably over kill but I test every watering I like to know as much as I can about my girls so I can log them. Good records help you a ton when issues arise. Ppm should be running around 500 to 700 if im not correct.

I’ve grown two plants with A Pot for Pot, and their customer service is really good, so shoot them an email,


U paid extra for a pot for a pot, that means u bought the support system n place, take @Twilve1 advice. That’s what it’s for, problems just like ur’s. :thinking::thinking::alien:

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They’re in water only super soil. Don’t want to waste all the good stuff.

They also have an account here and pop in to help out @aPotforPot


Nice change of lights! :bulb:

Your plant has really bounced back! :green_heart:

To lose her bottom fan leaves, especially with her early stress, is totally normal. You can remove them if you wish because they are not photosynthesizing anyway. Now that she is flowering, she is focusing on up-taking nutrients to feed and build her buds. I’d also try to tuck the big fan leaves out of the way that are shading her bud sites. Buds grow trichomes in response to light stress.

She looks quite perky, so it’s not like she is in need of water. I would maybe lower your light/raise the plant a little bit just to give her more energy. Ideal distance is around 18- 20 inches at this point. Just lower gradually because it looks like the light is currently 36 or more inches away.

And if you want to give her a little extra love, a tsp of honey or molasses is helpful to stimulate the microbes in the soil and the sugars are read by your plant as pure energy-- which she puts right into her flowers. :honey_pot: :bouquet:


@apotforpot this is the one that was actually doing the best and never had an issue with until now thats why I didn’t know what was going on it didn’t start happening until I changed the lights. The other 2 were tossed and thanks