Light stress in week 4 flower

So I’m in week 4 of GG photo and I didn’t pay attention to the petioles. On all 4 plants there’s varying degrees of light stress on the petioles, distinguished by red on top, green on the bottom. I’ve gone back and forth over all kinds of anecdotal information about this and although I was aware this version of GG is light sensitive or “moderate” in light needs I just couldn’t believe these things couldn’t handle 200 watts from the wall from an SF4000 light. While the buds don’t appear stressed or fox tailing the petioles most definitely are showing it. After the third week I noticed the plants weren’t drinking as much as they were prior to flower, What used to be a regular every other day watering has now turned into every few days which I think in flower it’d be the other way around. So I’d water when light, and feed once a week at 50% for FF nutes. They also show very minor nute burn that was reversed early enough but the light stress on the leaves must have been immense. Even stems 24" away show minor discoloration.

So, in week 4 I’ve cut the lights back down to 175 watts from the wall. Considering what others have done with this light in their grows, this strain seems to barely need the light of a lit match to get them growing. Almost seems ridiculous how little light these plants want.

Question is, have I ruined the potency, turps or yield being this far into flower and will turning them down a bit allow for some recovery?