Light spots popping up, help?

Hello all. I switched this feminized GG4 to flower the other day and this morning I noticed these little spots on her. Does anyone know if I should be concerned? It’s in a 7 gallon fabric pot and it’s an all organic grow. The soil I’m using just calls for me to pH the water to 6.5 and that’s all I have given her other than a 1/2 teaspoon of Epson salt for a mag deficiency early in veg. Here are some pics and thanks!


Plant looks fine: I wouldn’t worry about it.


Beautiful girl right there. Looks like it could be a slight magnesium deficiency. Another sign also that ppfd is a bit high possibly. Little more epsom may help.


Looks fine to me

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Beautiful plant keep up the good work nothing to worry about. :worried:

@av8ersteve, very nice looking plant! And you have a good eye.
After enlarging your pictures. I see the spots are all around the plant, and at about 2/3 of the way up the plant. So I think I agree with @Poseidon1 and you, and the plant is telling you that it needs more of something during transition to bloom. Since you are in 7 gallons of water only soil the roots may find what is needed. I would definitely monitor this closely, be prepared to add nutrients if this continues. Of course a little epson salt your next watering wouldn’t hurt anything, and may save you some worry and time.

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Thanks everyone. I’ll go ahead with a little Epsom and monitor her closely. I’m brewing some Extreme Brewers Tea at the moment and it will be done tomorrow (48 hours). Hopefully, that will help as well. This is my first time growing organically and I’m finding out that it’s harder than I first thought it would be. With me adding nothing then a deficiency could be ANYTHING!

@av8ersteve, you are very welcome. Chasing one deficiency after another is why I gave up on organic. But your plant looks very healthy, and I think you are petty dialed in.
Keep in mind if that plant was outdoors the transition to bloom would be much slower, since the daylight would be reducing by minutes per day. When grow indoors and flip the light from 18 to 12 suddenly. This causes a sudden need for more of certain nutrients, and if these not readily available at roots. The plant will pull these nutrients from what is stored in the leaves. With this info you can at least narrow it down to a mobile nutrient.
Please don’t let my comments cause you to overreact.


Thank you and no worries. Thanks for the chart too! Downloading it now.

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