Light spacing are they too close together?

My fourth Spider Farmer 4000 will be in monday and i need some advice on the distance between each unit. My current space in between each light is about 5". My grow room is about 11’x11’ but only using about 6’x6’. Advice welcomed. @dbrn32 @Bulldognuts @BobbyDigital @Borderryan22 @beardless @Budz @yoshi @Covertgrower


I appreciate the tag, I’ll let the others you tagged answer this. :+1:

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That’s a little bigger than what I’m working with. I appreciate the tag, but I’m not sure I’d be much use. A couple of the others tagged definitely have better knowledge than myself.

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how do you currently have them arranged?
are you thinking going 8x8 or a rectangle?

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I agree. Need more information.

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Use photone app to measure your overlap. Will probably find the answer yourself quicker


They will be in a rectangle. @Covertgrower @beardless

If your canopy isn’t wrapped in reflective surface you will probably want to cheat the lights more towards center if your canopy a little.