Light setup on auto flowers

Here’s my setup:

The one on the right is a plug and play 75 watt Rapid LED lamp. The one one right is a 100 watt SF-100. My question is will that be enough to grow two plants side by side? How should I position the light to maximize effectiveness? Also, will the be okay for the seedling stage? The SF-100 has a dimmer switch but the Rapid LED one does not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am germinating my autos as we speak and am just wrapping up some loose ends in preparation.

Probably adequate for 1 plant. You’re going to need something more for multiple plants.

A general guideline is 35-50 watts of quality lighting per sq. ft. of canopy.


Thanks for the quick reply. Would it just be less yield or a complete fail? Also, will these lights be okay fir all stages?

The SF-100 is okay for flowering, but you aren’t likely to get good, dense bud, and definitely not for 2 plants. Even with 1 plant you are likely to get fluffy buds that won’t be dense. It’s just not enough light. The other light is okay for help to get enough light for veg. It won’t help much during flowering.

The SF-1000 is a good light, it’s just not very much wattage. You might be able to get away with it okay with one plant. I always run at least 260 watts for each plant using HLG lights. The Spider Farmer uses the very same diodes.


Thanks! Does the placement need to change, other than the height on each stage?

Veg needs a lot of light and flowering needs even more. Place your light over the plant to maximize coverage. As a general rule - if you can feel the heat from the light on the back of your hand at the top of the plant, then the light is too close. If you have other problems pop up, then we can deal with them then.

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Cool cool. Thank you very much for your prompt response. I’m a painfully obvious noob, so thanks for being patient.:joy:

I’m also planning on putting Mylar in the closet. Do you think that will have a positive impact?

Not much of a difference between Mylar and plain white walls.

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Really? Should I just repaint these walls then? Also, my basement gets pretty cool at night. During the day it’s between 72-75, but at night it goes down to as low as 61. Is this going to be a problem?

I don’t think it would be much trouble at that temperature. Once you have the plant in there and the lights going, it will add a couple more degrees (maybe) you may want to use a moisture proof paint for the humidity change as well. You may want to consider a grow tent to place in there.

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