Light Settings for Indoor Soil Grow

New to soil grow, here’s what I’ve got: WW auto and I have questions; I want to start the germinated seed w/a 1" tail in its forever home consisting of the following

5gall black bucket w/5 3/8" holes on bottom and 3 on the sides
5lb jade rock for succulents for drainage
12qt FFOF
HLG 350R Diablo light
clear plastic cup to dome the germed seed

  1. What settings to use for this powerful light? currently at 16" hi and on #3 setting (#1 doesn’t illuminate)
  2. FFOF says not to add nutes for 90 days. Can I use any/all of the nutes (diluted at first) I have from my attempt at DWC? cal mag, hydrogard, gen hydro floragrow and amor si’
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Hola @Dorf

Set the light at the distance from the canopy listed on hlgs website, then set the light to match these DLI settings depending on your grow week stage.

From hlg 350r

DLI = Daily Light Integral

Chart for autos

It is generally 4 to 6 weeks for a plant to deplete nutes from FFOF. I’m not sure why they would say 90 days.

Use a PPM meter and measure the runoff from your pot. Begin feeding when runoff dips below ~1,000 PPM.

Floragrow contains nitrogen. You also need to feed Florabloom and Flora micro for phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron, boron,…

Fabric bags are much better. It is easier to capture runoff and fabric bags breathe very well, which is necessary for good root health.

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Great info thank you all! What I’m looking for is

  1. dimmer switch setting for germed (unsprouted) seedlings and
  2. the height from the top of the soil as seedlings have not sprouted as yet. I see its 24" for vege and 15" for flower but nothing on seedlings?
  3. I’m on a 16/8 light schedule for seedlings, 18/6 for vege and 12/12 for flower (if I ever get there)
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@midwestguy I have 17qt tote under the bucket to capture runoff. thanks I didn’t know I needed to check ppm in the runoff

Unfortunately, you’ll have to get a light meter whether a quantum meter or lux meter… There is also an app call Photone… Many on here use it.

Someone on here may have documented the dimmer dli per notch on the dimmer but not sure.