Light sealing a cupboard

Hi everyone, I recently got a cupboard from a neighbor. For me it’s amazing because I’ve been using a makeshift grow roof In the roof of my garage and it cooks the plants.

I cut some holes for exhaust and passive intake. Set up my light and a couple fans, moved in all my plants last night.

But there’s a lot of light escaping through the doors, pictures below. Anyone dealt with this? Any tips on how to better seal the light?

If anyone has other tips to improve the set up, feel free to chime in. Thanks to everyone!

Inside dimensions of cupboard - 18 inch x 34 inch x 5 feet tall
Light - Hollandstar 1500 LED (5 COBs, true wattage is about 210 to 250)
Exhaust fan - 4 inch inline
4 inch carbon filter
2 fans - 4 inch and 8 inch (not oscillating, I’m in the lookout for some)
Temperature control - Inkbird ITC-308. Kicks on the exhaust fan if temp goes too high. I can add in a little space heater in winter if needed.

Plants - 3 autos (grandmas stash from Aeque, pink Kush cbd and Zkittlez from seedsman)
2 gallon fabric pots
HP Promix amended with gaia green nutrients.


Welcome to the community @GardenDan ! could use some duct tape or painters tape but you need to re tape every time you open and shut the door. For a hundred bucks a grow tent does a pretty darn good job. Good luck


Get some sticky-back foam window sealing strips.


Wow nice set up. I’m new so maybe wrong, but y are u worried about light leakage if growing autos. Like said new in first grow, doing autos as well I leave top of my tent partially open to help when it would get to hot. Would be more concerned about light coming in when they are resting ? Very curious to see what the right answer is ?

I assume the light sealing is for stealth. Plus, you don’t want ANY light in during dark periods, as that can cause herm’ing.

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Yeah light seal is mainly for stealth, same reason I’m not using a tent. I will grow photos too sometimes, so I’d like be be ready for those too. The litttle clones in there are all photos.

@Newt thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look at some weather stripping for sure.


Most welcome. Happy growing, and good luck!


I would also suggest the weather stripping or some strips of black felt that you can staple to the inside around where the light is leaking.