Light schedule question

A question from a fellow grower:

I am very new at this. I have 1 lady for now. My question.Light! I had a “bright white” on for 18 hours, she is about 3 feet tall. I have just changed my light to a warm white and drop it to 10 hours on. Started growing her on Oct 10th. No sign of flowers yet. She is a girl!. Thoughts on lights and timeframe

use a 12/12 light cycle in the flower stage - “she” is going to get taller in the first 2 weeks of flower (the flower streach) it will take about 3 week to start to see bud development

The onlytime you would probably want to drop to a 10/14 photo period would be if you wanted to help finish the plant earlier. 12/12 is great.

Are you talking about incandescent lights?