Light schedule for autos

Got a stupid thought and can’t find info on web, so I ask here.
What if you took your lights from 18/6, for autos, to 12/12 say at week 7-8 to kick start “The End”?
I know ruderalis grow in 24 hour, but only for a short time and then rapid to total darkness. I know they autoflower, but what about the sprouts that missed 24 hours and they need to speed things up.
Do you think this would work?

Yea it would work, no doubt! :v:️ Some people only grow their autos under 12/12.

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The only thing you can’t do is kick start flowering Auto’s will flower
when there clock tells them to only after that can you control them. And thats choosing your time schedule



Got another question about autos. I have 2 ILGM nla one indica traits and one sativa. Will the sativa one be more of a sativa feeling. The last time I did this was the early 90’s and was told to stop, so this auto thing is, well auto.

I sorry but I dont get your question.

I’m not 100% positive on this answer, but to me, it only makes sense.

If it shows the traits of being a Sativa, then yes, it should give you a more Sativa high.

With that being said, it’s a hybrid, so it won’t be anything like a “true” Sativa high.

Lol I hope that helps and/or makes sense :v:

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I am going to post a pic when lights turn on to show you the 2 plants.

Ok both plants are ILGM nla planted, lst’d, pruned and no topping the same. Both plants should be same but one is indica and other is sativa. Looked at ILGM and nla are 80/20 Indica sativa.

So question is the sativa traits one going to give the effects of a sativa?

Posted pic

It does. It’s the fun of growing. I used to grow way back in the 80’s and now trying again. These autos are fun, but I got my 3 week old c99 going. Photos are my thing.
Still cool planting same seeds and getting indica and sativa