Light rails or motorized light movers

I am starting a brand new grow in a 700 sq. Ft. Indoor building.
I will be utilizing 1000 watt MH/HPS lights.
These lights are supposed to be able to light a 6x6 area each.
I plan on using 600 sq ft of are in which to grow.
This means I should be using 16-17 of these lights.
If I use 48 inch motorized light movers on each light,
Couldn’t I get away with using less lights?
This would save a lot of $$ on initial cost not to mention electronic bills, heat, and upkeep.
So… how many lights would I need using the light movers?

Light movers help by illuminating areas of the canopy that normally wouldn’t receive direct light. Thereby increasing yield.

I’m not sure how many corners one could truly cut with them.

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Here is my thinking. If the light produces a 6x6 foot print that is a square measurement.
But, if that same light is now traveling back and forth along a 4 foot rail, that lighted square area, now becomes a rectangle.
So, that same light is now covering a larger area while using less wattage & producing less heat.

If my math is correct, instead of a 6x6 footprint … it would then become at least a 6x10 footprint.
If I’m figuring this wrong, please someone, let me know.

Just wondering. If one light can energize 36 sq feet with a certain amount of energy, will that level of energy be reduced as the square footage lit up is increased?

I’m not seeing the proverbial free brunch here but I look forward to more advanced advice correcting me and wish you well on your grow.

36 ft² is a lot for a 1000 watt hps, i wouldn’t say any of them are quite that good. Something like a de gavita pro could just barely squeak into proper dli on 12 hour schedule. Is that what you plan on using? If so, their footprint is already more rectangular than square.

Running a mover can change up footprint some, but it doesn’t add anymore light to your space. So like drinkslinger said, you get light to different parts of plant and greater canopy penetration. But, trying to do what you’re asking will drop your ppfd average out of recommended range. You’ll end up having negative effect on bud density and overall harvest weight.

Even the big gavita light, most will run 1 per 25-30 ft². Standard 1000w less than that.


Thx everyone for your input. It’s very much appreciated.