Light question, LED

Has anybody tried these lights, need input please. Appreciate your time

115 lumens/watt at 84cri, and 18.5 watt fixtures. I would say you would want two fixtures per square foot of grow space for flowering.

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Can you see them up vertically? The lights are long

And what size room would you need?

Idk, you didn’t post what size your grow space is?

Not very good specs…

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Don’t have a grow space, was wondering what minimum space you would recommend for having 4 plants going at one time?

Depends on how large plants are. Most would think a 4’x4’ is suitable for 4 plants.

LOL! I can’t even fit 1 of my plants in a 4x4

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I’m sorry to hear that.

What tent would you use to have two plants that size?

You probably have some constraints nailed down though, right? Do you have a budget, a space you’re planning to build a “room” in, and/or a goal (finished weight in a specific period of time, or a particular strain you need)?

4x8 would be good for 2 plants this size.

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I don’t have constrains. Moving to a state where is legal for medical use, I came into possession of 8 of those lights and researching what would be needed for 2 plants, i could have a bedroom dedicated to growing. Researching mode right now

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Have you looked at grow tents and the environmental controls most growers end up with? You might only have the budget for a certain footprint, once you factor in a carbon filter system, tent, and soil. Stuff adds up.

Those lights might not give you the best efficiency, but more fixtures means a more even distribution of light over a level canopy (all else being equal).

You could go in many directions (auto/photo, tent/whole room, scrog/natural). That’s why I asked about constraints, because the things you cannot change are going to dictate your options.