Light Question Is this worth it?

Currently running a clw 1100 overhead . My question is this. Plants are getting bushy and I’m having to trim to allow light to get through canopy as I am bending branches. Bought two of these because it was bogo and got a 20% discount t to boot. Thing of running these on the sides of my grow structure to put light into the sides and under canopy . Thoughts ?

@dbrn32 is a good person to ask about lights

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I’m gonna go with “no.” It looks like it’s a 75 watt light. At 4 feet long and 7.5 pounds that’s a weirdly hefty light to pack so little energy.

That’s my wholly unprofessional opinion on the light, but maybe for veg it’s good(?). It just sounds a whole lot like $2/watt that’s only good for vegging, not full spectrum.

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Yes set up for veg. Just wanted something for lower branches to get light in veg cycle .

If I was gonna drop that much for some veg lights, I’d do it this way:

It’s not that the lights are necessarily awful, it’s that the price seems really steep for what they are. The HLGs are a total of 270 watts for the $300, vs 150 watts for the $300.

Alternatively you could rock KingBrites if you have some time to spare - they’re super inexpensive even after the shipping most of the time.

drawback is having to buy from Alibaba, no idea what problem resolution is like from them.

Thanks for the info . Let me ask you another question . Would 2x those 1100 clw be sufficient for a 8x10 or 10x10 tent ?

They max out at 800w - I’m not really versed enough in that big of a space to know how much you’d need to light up an 8x8 but the general rule of thumb at 40 watts per square foot means you’d want 2,560 watts to fill that space. I don’t know if the CLW brand runs more efficiently or less than that “general rule” number of watt/sq ft.

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