Light question for large tent

I have a 4x7 space and already have a 2000w King Plus LED. Should i add another 2000w or 2 1000w? Thinking with the 3 lights keep larger one on full spectrum in the middle and have 2 smaller to left and right just on veg…maybe hung on an angle to hit the lower areas. Thoughts @dbrn32 Am i overthinking this

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Or purchase a more adequate light. Hlg would be a better option.


Welcome to the community. HLG lights…:+1::+1:


I think you’ll need around 1400 watts for that space. May be wrong but King led 2000w is actually 380 watts but @dbrn32 is the light guru

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From my perspective you would probably want 4 of the fixtures you have to flower a whole 4x7 well. If you’re going to split into 2 different spaces I would need to know how big each space is to figure out lighting requirements.

Its one space. Have 3 plants that are about a month into veg so im only using a section right now and that 2000w is working great. I want to get at least 7-10 more plants in total. Im not trying to pack the space up either so i have room to move.

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I see, went back and read again and seen you were talking about light settings.

If you want to flower good hard nugs you’re going to need a metric shit ton of light. Doesn’t neccesarily matter how you get there, but 28 ft² is w large space. The cheapest way would be to run two air cooled 600 watt hps rigs. If you want to stay with leds I would go with better fixtures, and expect to pay maybe $1200-$2000. You could put a bunch of inexpensive Amazon blurple in there, but you’ll still be spending $1000 easy, and not have as good of grows with higher energy usage cost.


Thanx…appreciate the knowledge

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